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You cannot eliminate calories before they are absorbed. The only way to get rid of the calories is to burn them off once they are absorbed. Anything you put in your stomach will be absorbed sooner or later as it moves through your intestines. Your body then uses the calories to function (breathe, pump blood, etc) and uses whatever you burn up in exercise. Any remaining calories not used turn to fat. Therefore the best way to burn off calories is to make sure that you are not binging. Regular exercise means you are constantly burning the calories just consumed. And eating small amounts of calories throughout the day will mean your body is using them up constantly. If you go on a binge and eat lots of calories in one hit, your body cannot burn them all and therefore they are put on as fat. It is best to burn off what you have eaten within 24 hours (which is about the time it takes to move through your intestines).

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Q: How quick do you have to eliminate calories before they are absorbed?
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