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How science is a curse?

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true science is not a curse it just depends what you do with your findings

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Is science a curse?

No science is not a curse it is a very important thing

Science is a curse?

Of course not!

Why is science a curse?

Science is a curse because teachers will make you learn this stuff even though you will probably never use science while flippin' burgers at McDonalds

How do you write an essay about science is a blessing or curse?

essay on science is blessing

Paragraph on science a blessing or a curse?


Why do you think that science is a curse?

No. Definitely not. It is a boon.

Is science and technology a boon or curse for mass media?

it can be both a boon and a curse,it depends on how we use it.

Is human genetic engineering a blessing or a curse?

Science is always neutral; it is what people use it for, that is the blessing or curse.

Is science a blessing?


What is the genre of the titan's curse?

science fiction and fantasy

How is science both a boon and a curse?

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Science n technology is a curse so give reason that why electricity is a curse?

electicity is a curse as it has made man can result in mental loss

Is Science a curse for mankind?

for those who people who dont like science like ME yes it is but naturally no its not a curse its a main subject you study in schools, colleges etc it is needed in your life

What is the Development of science and technology to society?

is science and technology a boon or a curse for development of mass media

Is science a blessing or a curse?

Nothing in itself is a blessing or a curse. It is what is made of it by human beings or any other agent that can utilize it, that makes something a blessing, or a curse.

Quotes on science blessing or curse?

According to my knowledge science is blessing because there is nothing worst but the it all is in our hands how we use science.

How science affects us in daily life as a curse?

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How can scientist prove the blue fame is unburnt gas?

of curse science

What is an interesting topic for a science essay?

you can write about the topic " science- a blessing or a curse" you can include the points -positive and negstive

Science is a Blessing or a Curse?

Science is a blessing because we can get new information on healing people or creating new technology.

How can you stop a curse placed on a family member?

There is no such thing as a curse; that's just superstition. I would recommend taking some science courses at your local community college as a remedy for the "curse."

Was industrialization a blessing or a curse?

find it in your social science books u idiots

Why science is a curse?

Science is actually not a curse. Anything in excess is detrimental, and the same goes with science too. The antidote to any poison is made from the poison itself, but in miniscule quantities. Just like in vaccines, a little higher dose & you are gone. At the same time i do feel that science has landed up exploiting everything possible on this planet, whether its the environment or the wild life.

Why is science and technology a curse?

The best way to decide that is to see how technology has changed and defined our next generation. Would they be better off not having 62 cartoon channels to watch, sure, but when your child gets lymphoma, you are generally gratefull for the technology and science that can save a life. As far as a CURSE? That takes on a more religious tone. If you are religious then yes, you probably think of it as a curse as we have become to involved in the daily world and not enough spirituality. All depends on how you view life, religion and your lifestyle. But to answer your question more succinctly, I would have to say that it is a curse because we have no idea how to incorporate technology and science with a harmonious earth.

Is Science a boon or a curse?

Science is neither a boon nor a curse, it is a method by means of which a rational being can make sense out of its environment.However the results of this understanding leads to knowledge and knowledge is power and this power can be used for good or bad.The boon or curse therefore depends on the choices made by the rational being using science, not the science itself.If [used] properly surely science is a boon. Now we are living in the age of science. No one can live without science. (Dr.G.U.Pope_College_of_Engineering) For example We can't live without tubelights or bulbs,fan or Air cooler,Stove,etc. Also with the help of science diseases are cured. But at the same time if you touch the plugpoint when it is switched on you may loose your life. So,it is a boon if it is used in a proper way.(Dr.G.U.Pope College of Engineering)