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Bone degrading can lead to all types of ailments that effect movement and strength. Apatitic calcium phosphate cements can be used to restore bone that is lost.

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What bone is not false bearing?

The penal bone. I am serious, this is not a joke.

Are bone chips so important?

It depends on what bone you chipped because it can be very serious

Why is ligament damage a serious injury?

Because if your ligaments are injured, bone to bone friction can occur!

How do you treat a serious broken bone?

Stabilize and elevate.

Was bone growth from rib case serious?

yes it was

What is a serious bone disease characterized by excessive loss of both calcified matrix and collagenous fibers from bone?


How serious is flattening of the spinal cord?

Your doctor is the one to ask. If you mean bone breaking, very serious. Perhaps paralysis.

Does bone cancer kill you?

If not treated properly I think that it can cause serious illness.

What can i do if my dog broke his nail and you could see the bone?

serious injury -- see a vet.

Can scissors cut through bone?

No, normal kitchen scissors would not be able to cut through bone, although they could cause serious lacerations.

Is high bone density bad?

No it is a good thing. (Low bone density is bad but not serious. It mostly requires physical therapy and you need to drink milk.)

What are the serious risks of anorexic?

The serious risks are decreasing bone health, permanent heart damage, weakened organs, and a high likelyhood of organ failure and / or death.

Why are there a couple of bumps at the back of your head is it serious?

Chances are its just the bone that where your spine and skull connect

Is a dead piece of bone that is partially or fully detached from healthy bone?

This would be called a sequestrum and is a serious medical complication of a broken bone. The dead bone will not be resorbed by the body and it is often in the way of where healthy new bone needs to grow, so often the sequestrum needs to be surgically removed.

Do you pop a bone back into place when its broken?

No, if the bone is broken, popping it back into a joint can further damage it. It's best to go to a doctor or the ER depending on how serious it is.

What is the least common bone broke in the human body?

It should be Pisiform, a sesmoid bone in wrist joint. One of the very dangerous bone fractured is Scaphoid in wrist joint. If not diagnosed and untreated leads to serious sequels.

Is it possible for one to walk after a broken hip bone?

No you would be in serious pain and wouldn't be able to move.

Is prostate cancer terminal when it reaches the bone?

When any type of cancer metastasizes and spreads to the bone or other organs, this is very serious. Only a trained doctor who looks at the pathology of patient who has cancer that has spread to the bone can make such a diagnosis.

Why might a patient prefer to have a broken bone as opposed to a torn ligament or damaged cartilage?

because a torn ligament is more serious than just a broken bone. But, in some cases when you brake a bone you also can tare a ligament so, that would be bad. Damaged cartilage is not serious at all because that's just the bendy stuff in your nose and ear. Hope this helped! :)

How serious is a diagnosis of aplastic anemia?

Aplastic Anemia is a very serious condition. If you are diagnosed with this it would mean that your blood cells are attacking your bone marrow. You may need a marrow transplant.

Are injuries in soccer more serious than injuries in football?

no football because you can break every bone in your body

What are the consequences of CFIs?

CFIs can, however, have serious consequences, including infection, cellulitis, inflammation of the bone or bone marrow (osteomyelitis ), septic arthritis, and inflammation of the sheaths covering the tendons of the hand (tenosynovitis

What is 'Felony Battery'?

It depends on the state, but generally it is a serious assault that results in a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury. Example being a stab wound, broken bone, ect.

Difference between major and minor injuries?

Major injuries are serious injuries such as a broken bone or a serious head injury. Minor injuries are one that are not big in nature, such as a bruise or small cut.

Does sulfuric acid damage skin?

Yes, sulfuric acid can cause serious damage to skin, flesh, and even bone.

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