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You need to see your doctor immediately. There could be other reasons for your bleeding besides liver problems such as bleeding ulcers, colon polyps, etc. Do not put it off!! Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2006-04-12 18:48:46
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Q: How serious is it if you know you have alcohol cirrhosis and you bleed every time you go to the restroom?
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What do it mean if a women bleed after she use the restroom?

It means she is having her period.

Can drinking alcohol cause your eye to bleed?


You banged your head and your nose bleed a little bit but no swelling is this serious?

No. A nose bleed is not serious if it soon stops. If you have other symptoms it may be worth consulting a doctor.

Is it serious if you have made your privates bleed?

If YOU make it bleed I would say "no" but otherwise if it does it on its own get it checked out by a doctor.

What should you do if you have very large bowel movements and it is causing you to bleed when you do go to the restroom?

you should see your doctor and get checked for crones disease

Can excessive alcohol intake cause internal bleeding?

Yes, especially if taken with OTC painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium, or preparations that contain them. Chronic alcohol use can affect the body's ability to clot due to liver damage. In addition, one complication of cirrhosis is esophageal varices, or varicose veins in the esophagus. If these begin to bleed, there can be catastrophic consequences.

Can you drink alcohol after having a nose bleed?

I wouldn't reccomend it if it was alcohol which indirectly caused it in the first place...

What are the effects of a bladder infection?

one the causes is that you wait too long to go to the restroom, not drinking enough water, and also too much caffine. one of the effects is that it you can't hold to go to restroom. also another effect is that you bleed when you pee. another thing is that it hurts or burns when you go to the restroom, or you just can't pee.

What reasons would eyes to swell and bleed?

There are many reasons why your eyes would swell and bleed. There could be a serious infection flaring for example.

When you started to pee you started to bleed?

Call your doctor could be a serious problem.

What does it mean when you bleed from your anal?

It could mean lots of things, from not so serious to VERY serious. Call you doctor as soon as possible!!

Does alcohol numb the pain of getting a tattoo?

No, infact it makes you bleed more.

Is it bad to drink alcohol during your menstrual cycle?

NO. Alcohol does thin your blood out so you might bleed more. That's all.

When you have strep throat are you supposed to bleed?

Where is the bleeding coming from? From the throat? Go and see your doctor, you could have something more serious going on. Its not normal to bleed from strep.

Does alcohol contribute to nosebleeds?

Alcohol won't cause a nosebleed, but since it can be a blood thinner, it will make your nose bleed more severely if you do get one.

Can alcohol cause heavy menstrual bleeding?

yes. Alcohol can make you bleed very heavily. you must see your doctor as soon as you can and get an alcohol test to see if there is too much alcohol in your blood causing the problem.

Is it bad to get a tattoo with alcohol in your system?

Yes it is. When you have alcohol in your system, you bleed more because alcohol thins out your blood. If you're bleeding more it can mess up the tattoo and leave it looking worse than you would have liked. Yes it is. When you have alcohol in your system, you bleed more because alcohol thins out your blood. If you're bleeding more it can mess up the tattoo and leave it looking worse than you would have liked.

Is it bad if you bleed in your head if you scratch it a lot?

i don't think so but DO NOT SCRATCH IT ANYMORE it shouldn't be serious

Why is hemophilia is a serious disease?

Hemophilia is a serious disease, because even if the person has a small cut they can bleed to death because they don't have platelets to stop the cut from bleeding.

Why do your breasts bleed?

It can be from a lot of things, some serious and some not. It can be a sign of infection or cancer. You should see your doctor.

Can you drink alcohol while taking Cymbalta?

no it can cause our stomach to bleed It is recommended not to drink alcohol with any medications. When taking anti-depressants there are many adverse reactions if you drink alcohol including permanently damaging your liver.

Does alcohol affect how much you bleed when you get pierced?

Yes alcohol affects how you bleed.Alcohol thins the blood,and if you are older in age and are taking a blood thinner be very careful as to when you go and have that done .

Is it normal to bleed alittle when 5 months pregnant?

It can happen and be nothing, and it can happen and be serious: call your doctor now to find out.

Does a teen still bleed if not a virgin?

vaginal bleeding does not only tell if you are a virgin or not, it can also mean something more serious.

Could some sort of alcohol vaporizer be used to clean the lungs of smokers?

I believe that if you inhaled alcohol vapors directly into your lungs, the capillaries would burst and you would bleed to death.