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How should a new student introduce him or herself in front of the class?

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Introduing Yourself to a New Class"Hi, I'm (name). I used to live in (name of old town), but am excited to live in (name of town you're living in now)." Remember, be friendly, smile, and maybe tell a joke if it's appropiate. AnswerHi. My name is so and so.

You can also add any special interests or hobbies. This may encourage some people to reach out to you and bring you into their social circle. If you are in Public school, dress neutrally til you see what the prevailing style is in your new place[ only if you care ] .

2010-07-16 09:31:57
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How can a new student introduce herself in front of the class?

if you are at dinner with your boss and a new employee walk up how would you introduce that person to your boss

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the real question is... is that student happy were they are? & is an IQ of 140 important to that student ... maybe that question should be put to the student.

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What should a teacher do when a student have fever in the class room all of sudden?

You should immediately send the student to the school nurse.

What is the best way to teach English grammar to class 2 studentsI means what are the topics we should introduce to them?

Conduct a survey of what they interested topics...

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What is the sum of 345 and 567?

Is this a student trying to get homework done. If so, you should pay attention in class. If you are not a student, I apologize.

How do you write a letter to a new student in a class?

I have a new student named Jay coming to my class and I think he will be really nice Monday. Today we have to write a letter to him. I would start telling him my name what I look like my hobbies so he gets to know a little more about you then he will introduce himself to you.

Why co-operation is important to teacher from student?

The student should observe the class to order. You should also carry out assignments thatthe teacher has set.

How do you introduce Lisa and say shes a classmate in spanish?

Esto es Lisa. Ella es un estudiante in mi clase. Trans: This is Lisa. She is a student in my class.

Is a progress report important for a business student?

If, by "progress report", you are referring to a class assignment, then, "yes", it is important for a business student. If the student is unclear as to why, then the student should ask his/her teacher for further information.

Should student chew gum in class?

no because it makes disconsentration in class making the student not paing attention. even it dosent make you consontrate and distract you. also it makes your jaws stronger.LOL

How do you make a new ell student feel welcomed in a classroom?

I invite them in, shake their hands, ask their name and introduce them to the class. Then, I assign a student to mentor them for several days. Usually, the students volunteer for this and I match them with a child I think will actually help them.

Should students get to sleep in class?

No, its a disruption to the entire class to have a student snoring and drooling on themselves. It is also very rude to the teacher, how would you feel if you were lecturing and a student was sleeping and snoring in the third row?

Acknowledgement for business studies of class 11?

An acknowledgement can be written by a student to thank a teacher for the course of study. The acknowledgement should include the class and student number and name, as well as the teacher's name and what he or she taught.

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Because when the student studies a lot he becomes intelligent and is the best in class

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Only if the student is an idiot. Other than that nope.

How many hours in a day should a 12th class student study to get 1st position?

2 hours

How many hours should a 10th class student have to give her studies?

minimum 4 to 5 hrs.........

How should a student behave in class?

The way that doesn't make teachers want to cut your head off.

What should i choose as a declamation topic as 9Th class student?

about abusement of plastic or life without plastic

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