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How should a society choose its leaders?

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2011-09-13 05:18:59

A society should allow its leaders to accept campaigne

contributions, then they should allow all forms of media to charge

alot of mony to run adds. This way the candidate that gets the most

contributions wins.

This is a good thing because whoever wins has the most

contributions, whoever has the most contributions must have the

most supporters. Well maybe not the "most" supporters, but the most

"reletively effective" supporters. Majority rules?

So basicaly, a society should let the lions of comerce choose it


Or better yet. The populace could choose a president from a

small pool of "leaders", hand selected by the lions of comerce, and

as such, the people will feal quite satisfied. They will believe

that there country is being shaped by their vote. This works great

because the lions maintain control, and an essentially worthless

vote leaves the people fealing empowered.

I wonder why more people don't vote? Maybe people don't care who

leads this country. I think you can do whatever you want to a

population as long as you can keep them well fed and occupied.

Fat Americans watching American idol... what could be


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