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There is no easy way to do this. But seeing as there is no other option, you sit them down an start at the beginning. Tell them everything. How it happend, what emotions you are experiencing, and what options you are considering. Be mature about this. If you can't face them, then write a letter. Ask for their forgiveness, if they do forgive you immediatly or not is in their hands.

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them being strictly religious and you being pregnant are pretty much inalterable.

They might notice several months into the pregnancy, or find out when one of the neighbours tells them, or guess that she was when she's rushed the maternity ward. These alternate "reveals" lack fitness. Really religious parents may avoid all of these options.Like most difficult discussions it can happen in several ways:

  • Calmly sit down with them and tell them
  • Get a doctor, teacher or other trusted adult to sit down with you and them for the same discussion. This option is desirable if you anticipate they will be violent at the announcement.
  • Run away and send them a note (worst option)
Have a fall back plan of their "religious nature" might not include you being supported by them firing this problem.

Be prepared to the them who the father is.

Also be prepared to tell them what your expectations are abortion, adoption and other options are.

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Q: How should a teenager tell her strict and religious parents that she is pregnant?
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What should I do if I'm a pregnant teenager?

Talk to your parents sweetheart, or maybe a school counselor.

Should you be tickled as a teenager?

No you should not, especially by your parents. It makes the teenager uncomfortable. It is highly immature.

Why should a teenager who thinks she's pregnant get a pregnancy test soon?

To findout if you are pregnant

What should i do if i found out that i am pregnant as a teenager?

there is no way to tell your strict parent you must have tell your parent because at the end of the whole thing your parents will find out and it will be so sad and painfull

How would parents feel if their teen got pregnant?

I think, that while no sane parent would want their teenager to fall pregnant, and that it would be a shock to them, and that they would feel mighty disappointed in them, that they should stand by the child and support them 110%.

Should every teenager have a phone?

Provided they, or their parents can afford the cost and it is used responsibly.

Should you move out of your parental home if your parents dont like your boyfriend?

Short answer no, if your a teenager or still going to school and your boyfriend isn't a upstanding citizen your parents are justified in not liking him. Part of life your parents are in their annoying/disturbing way looking out for you. If your a well developed adult and your parents object to the relationship based on religious or cultural reasons then by all means move out. I did

Should a pregnant teenager that has sociopathic tendencies have the baby?

giving the baby up for adoption would probably be best.

How should Jewish parents treat their children?

Jewish parents should be kind to their children, just as all other kinds of parents should be. Childhood is basically the same process, for people of any ethnicity. In terms of religious requirements, Jewish parents should feed their children kosher food and educate them about Judaism. Of course, it is possible to be Jewish in an ethnic sense without being religious, so even those religious requirements are optional.

What can parents do if they dont want their teenager with a baby moving out to live with adult boyfriend?

If the child is under the age of 18, she should live where the parents say she should live. They can report her as a run away.

When can a teenager legally decide to contact her birth parents and Can the adoptive parents stop her.?

You should be over the age of majority in your community. Have you talked to your parents? They may know who and where your birth parents are. That could save you an immense amount of searching.

Who is responsible for the medical bills of a pregnant teenager of divorced parents in Washington state?

The parent who has the custodial and legal right to the child/teenager is responsible for the medical bills of the pregnant teenager. However, if the court ruled for one of the parents to provide medical care that person is responsible for the medical bills. In that case, the court ruled parent is primary payor and the other parent is the secondary payor. The teen should be made to be responsible by helping to pay for the care of herself and perhaps the boy who got her pregnant. If she chooses to give the baby up for adoption, the adopting parents may pay for her pregnancy care and delivery. There are also free clinics that can help out, places like Planned Parenthood or Crisis Pregnancies Counseling Centers. Beware, Planned Parenthood is pro-abortion. Abortion is not very safe for young teens and our country really needs babies that can be adopted. If the teenager choses to keep the baby the father should help with care and expenses of the child. Time for them to grow up!

How much should a teenager exercise?

A teenager should excercise 60 minutes a day

Should a pregnant teenager leave a stressed household?

only if she is not going to be considered a runaway and of course if she is of age because stress can lead to a miscarraige.

Can the parents of a pregnant minor force her to have the baby?

No but this should not even be a question. Its your body do with it as you please.

Does a teenager have the right to determine which parent to live with?

Yes, it's about the benefit of the child, not the parents. The child's choice should factor in the equation.

I am sixteen and pregnant do i have to tell my parents?

You must first tell your doctor and then to your parents and/or with the social services (welfare officer). dont HAVE to tell anyone. SHOULD you tell your parents? YES, of course you should. Do you HAVE to? NO.

How to tell your parents you might be pregnant?

Why tell them you might be pregnant instead of taking the test first? Then you sit them down and tell them straight out that you are other pregnant. You can also tell your mom first when you are alone if that is easier. The father should also tell his parents.

When should you tell your parents im pregnant?

You should tell them as soon as possible so the baby and mother can be the healthy as possible.

Are the parents of a minor pregnant child responsible for her medical bills?

Not exactly , here parents from both the sides, that is the girls parents and also the boys parents should pay for the medical bills. It should not be left entirely on the girls parents as the boy was more responsible for this mess.

Should parents set a bedtime for a 17 year old?

No, 17 years old is almost 18 and that would then make the teenager no longer a minor. It is best if the parents let their teenager know that they need their sleep and let the teenager decide what time they should go to bed. However, if the teen is out late at night then it is up to the parents to set ground rules that the teen be in at a certain time. Also, if the teen is sitting up all night on the computer; getting poor grades at school this gives the parents the right to decide when the teen needs to go to bed and get plenty of rest.

Should church have a role in education?

If the parents and student agree to a religious education, otherwise, no. (In my humble opinion)

I'm a 16 year old guy and I think I am pregnant. What should I do?

Tell your parents you need to see a Psychiatrist because a guy can not get pregnant.

If you are pregnant should you tell your parents?

It would be very important if you did. They can always help you through this because they have had a child before. Of course it is your option, but you should be able to trust your parents with just about anything.

In Michigan can a 16 year old Female move in with a 22 year old male without the parents' consent if the Female is pregnant?

No i don't think they should. I think she is too young for him and even tho she is pregnant she should just stay at home with her parents