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For my experience, I will try to verify what

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Q: How should you answer if you are asked to cite a time you were not pleased with your performance and what did you do?
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Describe a time when you were not pleased with your performance. What did you do about it?

Cite a time you were not pleased with your performance. What did you do?

Cite a time you were not pleased with your performance?

There are many times when a person is not pleased with their performance. Someone may not score as well on a test as they'd like for example.

Cite a time you helped a co-worker improve his performance at work?

When you are asked this question during an interview they are looking for a specific example. You should provide an answer that highlights your ability to assist a team member.

How do you cite sources for a bibliography?

you should cite your information of where you got it

How have you dealt with cultural differences?

In a job interview when you are asked how have you dealt with cultural differences, you should be categorical. You can cite instances where you have brought different cultures together.

Do you cite information from graphs?

Yes, if you use information from a graph, you should cite the reference.

Describe a situation where you took initiative?

When you are asked to describe a situation where you took initiative, it means you should cite a case where you were proactive. You should highlight any work-related venture you took up from your own making.

How should you cite a reference to a film in an essay at degree level?

you go to a cite and look it up

When should students cite references?

Students should cite their referrence when the information they are providing is not a general knowledge. They should also cite their referrence if the idea is being challenged as to its veracity. It is also advisable to cite the source when challenging an already known fact or proving the student's theory or assumptions, like that of a thesis or dissertation.

Kinds of information do you have to cite in a research essay?

In a research essay, you should cite words and ideas that are not your own.

What is it called when you list your sources?

You cite them on a reference page.You cite them on a reference page.You cite them on a reference page.You cite them on a reference page.You cite them on a reference page.You cite them on a reference page.

What does it mean to cite a time?

When you are asked to cite a time in an interview, the interviewer wants you to tell them of a particular situation that pertains to what they want to find out. This helps them determine if you are a good fit for a position with their company.

If your text book cites a study do you cite the study or the text book?

You should cite the study and then say you got it from your textbook.

When reporting common knowledge when should you cite the source?


Should you cite at the end of a sentence with the author or the book title?

You Should Cite At The End Of A Sentance. Like Sophie Said "Brad Pitt Said He Had His Shoes". (Schooled By Gordan Kormen)

Do you need to cite a source if it is completely reworded?

Well, if you completely reworded it you should still cite it because you got information from there. It is not completely your own.

Is there a web cite where the Jonas brothers can answer your questions?

Yes there is. Go to, then go to JB Q & A, then there is questions otherr fans have asked them.

Does Groucho43 ever cite references or sources to back up his answers?

Based on questions asked by myself and answered by Groucho43, a BIG NO. He does not.

You should cite information from a source when?

you use someone else's idea.

How should you cite a thousand and one nights?

GO to and search it...

Does blackra1n give a virus on a hp laptop?

blackra1n should not be bad for your computer because you don't have to download it in your computer but the cite alone is called a magnet cite which means the viruses are attracted to the cite which can also attach to your desktop or laptop

Is it possible to cite a specific YouTube channel -not just a single video - in MLA format?

I don't believe YouTube channels are something you can cite properly. For each video you've used, you should cite it in MLA.

What is the correct mla formula on how to cite a magazine?

You should cite the author's name, the title of the article, and the date published. You should also include the name of the magazine the date the article was published and the page number where it can be found.

What is Cite in force?

What is Cite

What is a sentence for the word cite?

Cite the reference carefully. He will cite the professor's article in his report.