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Well that other solution is rather elementary. It's not just say "Oh if you keep acting this way maybe we should break up." Because trust me, it's only going to get him more aggresive. Your best bet would be to first stop and see what you did to get him angry, then try and have a rational conversation with him. Sweet talk him a little bit so he can be a little more calm and apt to talk. Then ask him what you did wrong and ask him what he likes and doesn't like about the things you say and do. Maybe that will give you a deeper understanding of what his pet peeves and such are. This could also help you avoid getting him mad in the future. say im really sorry baby. hope you can forgive me. I was very stupid and immature. i love you very much !

You apologized by just using open, honest, sincere, and direct communication.

it's meant to be awkward - accept that and move through it. == taking the "pain" willingly to apologise sincerely shows a lot more integrity than a cop-out. Answer Unfortunately this does happen and if someone that you believed to be a friend violates your trust and jeopardizes your friendship they weren't much of a friend to begin with. You can try to forgive but never forget as trust needs to be earned once that is breached it is hard to regain that. This will forever change the way you see this person and it is up to you to decide if you are willing to go through this again or if you should cut ties with them. I do want to add that not all "friends" are like this and you cannot let one persons indiscretions ruin your outlook for a good friend unfortunately you do however need to use discretion with whom you befriend and offer your kindness and trust too.

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Q: How should you apologize to your boyfriend?
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What should you do if you vomit on your boyfriend?

Apologize, and if he's your true, he'll forgive you.

What should a girl do after she kicks her boyfriend in the privates by mistake?

she should really apologize and ezplain why she did that and eventuallly he will forgive her

Where should you apologize?

I think you should apologize privately

How do you apologize to your boyfriend for cheating?

Buy him a car.

Should you apologize to England for the revolutionary war?

no they should apologize to us

What should you do your boyfriend sent you a pic of his penis and you told him you were up set and now he dont talk to you anymore?

You should apologize. Your boyfriend was only trying to add some spice to your relationship, and you were less than fair to him.

Is it good to argue with your boyfriend twice in one week?

no and you should avoid having an argument again, if you really like him then go apologize!

Why did ex boyfriend visit at your place of work?

Your ex boyfriend is proably in love with you again and wanted to apologize

Steps should the hotelman take when an accident occurs?

Apologize, apologize, apologize, and then get someone to fix it.

How To Apologize to your Boyfriend?

its mostly depends on what you said or what you did but it has to come from your heart and you have to mean it

Your boyfriend is upset what should you do?

be really horny around him but do it hardGive him some time and a bit of space. If you try to apologize over and over, he'll feel smothered. When he's ready to talk, that's when you should apologize, and always follow up with oral sex.

What should you do your boyfriend got angry with you?

If a boyfriend is angry it is best not to start yelling and screaming but to speak softly or to give them space if they ask for it. If the person has done something wrong they may want to explain why they did what they did or apologize.

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back after causing so much hurt?

You apologize to him. He will have to choose

What do you do if your best friend is flirting with your boyfriend but she doesnt know it?

Be straight forward with her. Tell her gently that she is being a little to intimate with your boyfriend and politely ask her to stop. If she is a good friend, she'll apologize for her wrongdoings and she should stop flirting.

How do you tell your boyfriend you're sorry and he can do anything he wants to you for as long as he wants?

Apologize profusely.

You blackmailed an ex boyfriend in an email by mistake?

Apologize immediately and delete the e-mail.

What to do when your boyfriend calls and someone else picks up?

Call back and apologize for the confusion.

How to get back with an ex boyfriend?

sometimes they just dont have no more interest in you if they dumped you and realized they made a mistake then he should step up and be a man and apologize and say that he is wrong.

What should you do if your parent finds out you have a boyfriend and your not suppose to?

Use the I'm old enough speech. Apologize to them and then they will say their disappointed but they will give you another chance. They also might ground you

Can you give some example sentences for the word apologize?

I will apologize if I woke you.You should apologize for bringing mud into the house.

Who should apologize if an individual goes to a sheriff's station and no one can speak the language of the individual?

No one should apologize. This is not anyone's fault.

You were mean to your friend what should you do?


How do you get back with your boyfriend if you have never met him?

Honestly, if you've never met him, I don't see how he can be you boyfriend. But, you could always apologize. It's surprisingly effective. :)

Could you get your boyfriend back after he broke up with you because you talked bad to his little sister whom he is very close too while being drunk?

It is possible you could get your boyfriend back if you apologize to his sister and next, apologize to your boyfriend and do not use the excuse it was from being drunk as that is no excuse for bad behavior. It is obvious you are obnoxious when drinking and can't control some situations and should at least monitor what you are drinking or don't drink at all.

What do i say to apologize to your boyfriend after arguing with him?

'Hey babe, I am so, so sorry. Lets go to the pub or the new café?' is what you say to your boyfriend! Hope this helps!!