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First smile at her whenever you see, start saying hi..keep eye contact... finally go up and talk to her..introduce yourself, if you already haven't met..ask her questions and be nice..

Hard question to answer briefly, but I'll try it. In a few words, with confidence. That doesn't mean with swagger, but without looking like someone's about to bite your head off. She's just a human being like yourself, although you may have already given her superhuman qualities in your head. Just be confident, try to stay relaxed and smile a bit. The last thing you want to do is come off like a babbling mental patient, who has no self esteem. If you're going to ask her out, then just ask, what's she gonna say "No"? And that's the worst that can happen, you'll get over it and wonder why you were so stressed out in the first place. And if she says "yes" you'll still be wondering what you were stressin' about. Be confident, smile, relax and say what you have to say, she's made of flesh and bone just like you and I, and after it's over and your heartbeat returns to normal, you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about. Hopefully it works for you, it has for me over the years. Good luck!

dude.....just do it....worst answer is no....she's just a girl....she will happy to talk unless your a lil puss who comes to her all nervous....they sense fear relaxed and ask..its easy

just say hi occasionally and flash a smile when she`s looking at you.then,eventually,she`ll come around.believe me dude

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Q: How should you approach a girl you like?
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How do you approach a girl you like and ask her out?

Just be yourself ! Coming from a girl, we like originality and you should add your own twist of personality as to how you ask her out. Have fun and be creative !!!

How do you approach a girl in a hallway?

I assume you like this girl, if you like her just go up to her and introduce yourself, girls like guys who aren't afraid to approach them. good luck :)

What should you do if you like a girl and you don't get along with that girls friends?

Approach the girl and separate her from her friends, usually through pigeon-holing and isolating, controlling behaviours.

What to tell a girl when you approach her?

u like her shoes

How should you approach a girl who you like to ask her out as a girlfriend but when you get to the question you lose your confidence?

hunny dnt be afraid there is nthin scary about askin a girl out and if you dont have the courage then write her a note

How do you approach a girl for sex?

How to mentally approach a girl for sex?

How should i approach a girl that i just know 2 days ago and seems to like her if i know she has a boyfriend already?

try to brake them up :)

How do you get a girl to approach you?

it mainly depends on what type of girl. but what i do is like try to get there attention but not in a obvious way. but 9/10 times you will have to approach them, girls are shy when it comes to that

How do i get a girl already in a relationship to like me?

Honestly, you should not approach her while she is in a relationship. However, you can become acquaintances and be at the same activities. Should she become free, then you could approach her. It is better to honor the relationship she is in currently--you would want someone to do the same, right?

You like a girl you want to make friend ship with her give you some tips?

You should approach her well dressed and neatly. You have to be polite in asking and talking to her.

Should you call the girl you like?

no Yes you should. If its a girl you like you should tell her how you feel.

How do you approach a girl if she likes you?

With your feet, and honestly, Im not being totally sarcastic. The best way to approach a girl you like is to just man up and do it. Be confident and don't back out!

There is a girl that I like and I think she likes me too but she is never alone should I give up or talk to her around friends?

Coming from a girl, we tend to appreciate a guy that has the guts to approach us while we are hangin out with our friends. Try thinking of exactly what you want to say this girl. Perhaps you could slip her a note or your phone number. If you like her as much as you claim, you will make the effort to approach her.

How do you approach a girl you like who is older than you?

you act funny and get to know her then ask her out

How do you attract girls on clubpenguin?

You don't really attract girls by through MMORPGs, you should try a different approach like asking a girl you like out or just casually socializing with her at first.

What do you do when a girl you like thinks you're gay?

You should approach her and tell her the truth about yourself, let her get to know you so you can prove to her that you're not homosexual for one and that you have feelings for her.

How do you ask the girls at my office to contribute towards gift for employers?

Being a girl myself, this is how you should approach this... Approach them when they are in a decent mood. Tell them that the office has put together a plan, and seeming how they work there, they should try to help out. Tell them what it's for, and do it all politely and with a smile... :) <- Like this.

Should you go with the girl you like or the girl you love?


How should someone approach a girl he likes who is ALWAYS surrounded by her friends?

Don't be afraid of her friends. They aren't there to form a barrier against guys. Hold your chin up and approach the girl, friends around or not.

How do you approach with unknown girl to make friendship?

Tell her something you like about her,like say *i like your bracelet* or something lol

How do you approach a girl your interested you really like?

speaking as a girl, i would say just be congenial, try to suss out if she likes you to.

What should i do to a girl when you approach her at first contact?

Act nice, funny, smart, sweet, and sensetive

What should you do if you like a girl you don't recognize you have no clue how she feels about you you don' do any activities with her and if you approach any of her friends they will mock you?

Let it go if you don't really know her you don't really "like" her you're attracted to her physically and have probably created in your mind an idea of what this girl is like.

What are ways of approaching a girl?

Approaching a girl is easy if you have confidence. Approach her like you really want to get to know her and you would enjoy her company.

How can a 10 year old boy ask a girl out?

You can approach the girl and ask her if she would like to be more than friends, and you can ask if she would like to go out with you sometime.