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How should you get your hair cut?

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2011-09-13 05:20:22

well, it all depends on your hair!

if you have wavy hair...

stick with styles that are easy on-the-go and DON'T plan to

"straighten your hair everyday so that the style will work on me"

bcuz, trust me, u wont. also, avoid bangs, cuz well, it just wont

end well. instead, try a side part with your hair just all one

length, or layers are nice. try to cut a little bit framing your

fave, though, so that you don't look boring. or, try the style i

wrote for curly hair

if you have curly hair...

opt for something simple, cuz ur hair isn't! go for either a

short cut that is easily tamed, or a long one that is making a

major statement. DO NOT GET BANGS. you will

IMEDIATLEY regret it! OJ yea, and since uve got hair with

such personality, don't forget urs!!!

if you have straight hair...

hows this? suggest to ur stylist that you want the front of your

hair near your face to be shorter that the rest, but not by much.

have the rest of you being cut so that it gets longer and longer

forming a triangle in the back. this works with or without layers

at any length.

dying your hair...

i do not know anythign about hair dye, so don't ask me!

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