Skin Cancer

How should you protect yourself from the main cause of skin cancer?


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stop writing on your self

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It is important to protect against UV radiation. It can cause skin cancer.

wear sunscreen! They protect you from uva and uvb rays which can cause skin cancer over long exposure

It is important to protect us from Sun's radiation. It is because it can contain the UV rays. These Uv rays can cause skin cancer too.

No, it has actually been shown to protect against cancer.

I don't think so, because when you burn yourself you don't get skin cancer.

HPV can cause cervical cancer.Yes, the virus can cause cervical cancer, so it is prudent to immunize yourself with Gardasil or other HPV vaccine.

The sun emits harmful ultraviolet or UV radiation. Being overexposed to UV radiation will cause a painful sunburn. Multiple exposures to too much UV light can cause skin cancer.

As in like vomit sick? Then maybe, but you shouldn't be making yourself puke cancer causing or not. It's hell for your stomach, I'll tell you that.

P53 it is an anzyme that monitorize the DNA and protect them from demagis.It is founded that its defective in 60% of cancer cells

To protect you from ultra violet sun rays that can cause skin cancer.

Many herbicides and pesticides hit the nuclear material and cause mutations when used to protect crop plants. Apart from causing mutations these very chemicals are carcinogenic in nature and cause cancer.

It absorbs harmful UV light which can cause skin cancer.

UVB exposure is a major cause of skin cancer.

The tobacco causes cancer. The method used to ingest it doesn't protect one from the harmful effects of the chemicals and compounds in the tobacco.</

No, this is a myth. Check out the Canadian cancer society website (or whichever country's cancer website you want). It should be on there.

The chemicals in tar can cause bladder and kidney cancer. They can cause liver cancer. They can cause stomach cancer.

because if we don't protect the ozone layer, the ultra-violet ray is going to enter to the planet and this is going to cause cancer in the skin

The pores on your skin help to prevent harmful pathogens from entering. Pathogens cause disease, infection and Cancer. By keeping these pathogens out, this is how pores protect you.

No, Powerade does not cause cancer.

Vitamin C helps protect your bones from cancer. Too much of it can cause AIDS or death.

Yellow teeth is not proven to cause cancer. People should be smart however, and take care of their teeth and gums.

Cause you tend to be messy.

This is a common myth, but an injury to the breast cannot cause breast cancer. An injury can cause scar tissue to form, which can be mistaken for cancer. All lumps should be evaluated by a doctor.

No, chalk is not known to cause cancer.

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