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How should you respond when asked about your technical skills?


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Any interview question needs to be considered from the perspective of what it asks directly as well as what it might be pointing towards. Here, the answer should already be found in your resume-at least the list of technical skills should be there-and so this kind of question is likely only going to arise when the technical skills have not been listed (a major resume error) or when the technical skills are weak. Correcting a resume error is straightforward; however, covering for missing technical skills is more challenging.

Focus on the technical strengths that you do bring and how those may be used; be prepared to address how you will gain missing technical skills. Downplay the missing skill(s) by emphasizing other aspects of the job where you can shine by comparison. Few candidates bring all the skills to a job; it's important to emphasize what got you the interview in the first place, and to let prospective employers know that you're willing to continue to learn and grow even once you've got the job. Good luck. Clare Keating for 3C Communications Consulting Group