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Just come right out and say it. That's what i did.

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Q: How should you tell your partner your pregnant with his child at sixteen?
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If an married woman tells her unmarried sex partner that she can not get pregnant and then does get pregnant is unmarried partner responsible for unborn child?

She would need to prove that her husband was not the father of the child, as well as any other sex partners she may have had. Of course the unmarried partner would be responsible for the child..but that's only if its his.

What do you do when you are sixteen and have a child?

1. Take care of it.(P.S. Your the one who got pregnant in the first place.)

Is 14 a good age to get pregnant?

NO! You should wait until A - you can support yourself and your family and B - you have a loyal partner whom you could raise a child with.

If I want nothing to do with my pregnant ex partner or the child. How do I avoid paying child support?

It's too late now. If you didn't want children you needed to plan ahead before your ex partner got pregnant. There are ways to avoid conception. As the child's father you will have to pay child support as long as the child's mother files a petition for child support.

If the babys father is sixteen does he have to pay child support?

I don't think so. Don't tell me you got someone pregnant.

Can a pregnant teen move out at sixteen in the state of Illinois with out parents perrmisson?

Being pregnant does not emancipate a minor. It does give them certain rights in regards to providing for the welfare of their child.

Does child support stop in ga if child becomes pregnant at age 12?

The fact that the child is pregnant should have nothing to do with parental responsibility.

Which sexual partner got me pregnant if my lmp was on September 1 and i slept with one partner on the 8th and 9th of September then i slept with the other partner on the 17th of September?

What were you thinking? Now, you will have to put the child and the two men through a DNA test to find out who the father was. If you have multiple partners, you should also use birth control since you are not stable enough to raise a child.

How does a pregnant minor get emancipated in Virginia at age sixteen?

nope, i found this out the hard way. so your child is your parents custody till your 18.

If you have a different sex partner while pregnant does the DNA of the child change without protection?

No the sperm of the person you are having sex with while pregnant will have no effect at all on the baby.

What if a child is sixteen and pregnant and needs to move out of her parents' home in Massachusetts?

Pregnancy does not emancipate a minor. You are still under the authority of your parents. Why do you 'need' to move out?

You are sixteen pregnant no where to live shortly what money and help can you get thanks?

Contact child welfare and social services. They will assist you in taking care of yourself and the baby.

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