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It would not be very wise. If you want to get into an aviation career you had better do it because you love to fly. It takes a tremendous commitment to build the hours and skill levels necessary to be a commercial pilot.

It would be like asking if a woman who enjoyed fashion design would like to be a ditch-digger, oil well foreman, or a coal miner. In other words, a person must match, as closely as possible, their interests to their career or job choices--or the person will quit a job they do not like or do not love.

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Do commercial airlines refuel in mid flight?

No they do not. Only military and government planes do this. Commercial airlines will land at an airport to refuel.

How many commercial airliners does American airlines employ?

This question makes no sense as it is written. AA does not employ commercial airliners (you mean airlines??). What does it even mean to "employ a commercial airliner"? AA is a commercial airline. It employs employees.

What airlines fly into the Louisville airport?

The airlines that fly into the Louisville airport are mostly commercial airlines, and they include American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, United, and US Airways.

Are the lyrics in American Airlines' commercial We're American Airlines something scrotal in the air?

No its American Airlines Something Special In the Air.

Who is the pilot in the Southwest Airlines commercial?

Sean Egglesfield

Who does the Delta Airlines voice commercial?

Donald Sutherland

What commercial airlines were used in Vietnam era from travis AFB?

TWA, Braniff, Flying Tiger Airlines.

How many planes flew into the twin towers?

four commercial airlines: American airlines flight 11, united airlines flight 175, American airlines flight 77, united airlines flight 93

Is there a demand for jet engineering?

no because most people like to ride commercial airlines (e.g.. southwest airlines)

Who is the narrator on the American airlines new commercial?

Jon Hamm

Where can one find reviews on Skywest Airlines?

Reviews on Skywest Airlines can be found at Indeed and Yelp. These sites provide helpful reviews for the consumer who is interested in flying with Skywest Airlines.

What is the name of the first commercial airline company?

Qantas Airlines is the worlds oldest airlines, having been founded in 1920.

On April 6 1926 Walter Varney Airlines makes its first commercial flight What major international airline company was Varney Airlines the predecessor to?

United Airlines

Which airlines let children fly alone?

None <><><> Depends on the age of the child. MOST airlines have a procedure called "Unaccompanied minor". There are limitations on which flights this can be used. Check the websites or call the airlines you are considering.

How high do commercial airlines fly?

30,00-50,00 ft. (normally)

What is Doug McCain's job?

He's a commercial pilot for American Airlines.

Can you bring nips on commercial airlines?

i dont think you are allowed to, but you can try

Who is the girl in the Big Gain commercial for southwest airlines?

jillian bach

Which airlines fly to Antarctica?

There are no commercial flights to any Antarctic destination.

What airline had a commercial with an orchestra flying with them?

It was United Airlines. Awesome commerical!

Who is the actress on the southwest airlines commercial?

yo mama is said actress

What is the theme music in the Big Gain commercial for Southwest Airlines?

Football music

What is the name of the oldest commercial airline in Asia?

The oldest commercial airline in Asia is the Philippine Airlines which is still under its original name.

Who is the ballerina in the southwest commercial?

The Southwest Airlines commercial with the ballerina is titled Little Things. Landon Ashworth is the ballerina. The song in the commercial is called Some Nights by the band Fun.

Best way to travel from Toronto to Pensacola Florida?

I'm guessing, commercial airlines?

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