How someone can get girl friend?


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Ask a girl out. Go to a dating website. Be friends with a lonely girl and get her to like you.

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Ask the girl that she likes you or your friend

a best friend is someone you can trust. also a best friend is someone who if its a guy and your a girl you might marry them a best friend is a true and real friend not a fake

the best girl friend for you is someone whu loves you for you and not for your money or for anything dat you got.

someone who can spell "next" correctly.

Logan Hendersons Girlfriend Is someone!!

ask them what they would like in a girl or boy friend and be that girl/ boy

If you know she likes your friend more then you, it's too bad but you should probably move on to someone better who is crushing on you!

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

you have to be happy with your girlfriend's happiness....

A girl needs someone that they can depend on and love endlessly! he needs to be the man but know a girl wants respect!

haha first things first, boy or girl? if your a boy, then you can have a friend ask her out for you. if your a girl, then you can have a friend go up to him and ask if he lieks you, and would ever get with you.

get a friend to ask but it should be someone that talks to both you and the girl

become rich and pretty...become SOMEONE

Someone to be by there side just be a great friend who likes them more than a friend

You be her friend. Be nice and eventually maybe she'll like you instead. If not, at least you will be a friend to her.

girl friend is good. There sweet and pretty. just ask can I be your girl friend.

Then you need to tell that friend that if they were a real friend they wouldn't tell anyone and that they would respect ones thought toward someone.

Leave said place at which you and your girlfriend are at (restaurant, movie theater, etc.). If that someone happens to see you two together and follows you out of the restaurant, well... sucks to suck

Someone that is honest, funny, and trustworthy. Probably someone easy to talk to.

Absolutely. Despite how it might feel from society and or peers you don't ever need to have someone or be with someone.

a girl friend is a girl you are datingsome1 u love how is a girl

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