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You can pregnant as soon as you ovulate. Some women ovulate four to six weeks after delivery. Others (particularly breast feeding moms) may have their first ovulation much later. How can you tell if you've ovulated? If you have a period. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to predict when you will need contraception. To avoid pregnancy soon after birth: 1. Avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after delivery. This will also allow the uterus to involute properly, the vaginal tissues to heal, and decrease the risk of a uterine infection. 2. Discuss contraception with your doctor before you leave the hospital. If you plan to go on the pill, a prescription can be given to you at this time and you can start it at the appropriate time. If you plan to use depoprovera or get an IUD, let your doctor know so he or she can discuss timing with you. 3. DO NOT DEPEND on breast feeding for contraception. Unless you are breast feeding around the clock without supplementation, you probably won't get a protective effect. Even then, you can still ovulate and conceive at any time. 4. Use condoms if there's any possibility of conceiving.

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Q: How soon after giving birth can you become pregnant?
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