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about a few weeks to a few months,depending on the species

usually after the baby hamsters grow older

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Can i put my male hamster back in the cage with the female after she had babies the babies are no longer here?

Yes, but be aware that they will breed again and the female will become pregnant.

How can you keep a mom hamster from eating a baby hamster?

Dont disturb her....leave her be. when she had her babies she will nurse them and take care of them. Also if its her first time she might eat the babies because she has no expierence and in the second time she will know what to do. so dont worry if she eats her babies because she might get pregnant again and she wont eat her babies.

How long after hamsters have babys can they have more?

if you get a boy hamster and a girl hamster and if they are mates they will have babies and after a few days try it again then you will have more babies hoped i helped

My hamster just had babies how long before she can have another litter?

Hamsters can get pregnant again right after they give birth to babies...BUT it is best to wait atleast 6 weeks after they give birth so the mom can be strong enough to be pregnant again and it wont place her in danger. Plus that 6 wks is time to get the babies weened from mom... it would place too much stress if shes still nursing babies and has more babies before last liter is weened from her.

How many babies can mice have in their lifetime?

about over 500 babies as they can get pregnant again straight after giving birth...:)

How many babies do purple sea urchins have?

they have 4 babies at one birth until their pregnant again

When can i put my female rabbit back in the cage with the male after giving birth?

you can put her after 15 days so she can be pregnant again but if you put her after 15 day she also can get pregnant but she is going to be very stresed because she is feeding her babies and also having more babies in her uterus.

Is Leah messer pregnant?

Yes Leah Messer is pregnant again. She is having twins with her fiancé.

How long will it take for the mom hamster to have a second set of babies if she gets pregnant right after th first set?

Hi , my name is Kali im 14 yrs old but I have breeded hamsters for quite a while now but when I grow up I want to be a vet and Im all ready an animal expert ...First of all you should not have got your hamster pregnant right after she recently had a litter of babies hamsters are suppost to be pregnant for 2-3 weeks and the babies have to stay with the mother for about 2 months but since your hamster is pragnant again right after she recently was she has a chance of dying or getting ill because when a hamster gives birth each time it makes them weaker and your are suppost to wait 2 months after she gives birth to breed her again that way she can gain her strength back and be able to produce milk for her pups !! but dont worry make sure while shes pregnant to give her lots of fresh water and some fresh veggies such as carotts, brocolli, or cuecumber and make sure not to touch the babies until they are a week old and also there eyes will open at 2 weeks old but just remember not to breed her for a very long time again !!! C= good luk with the babies

Can your guinea pigs get pregnant after she had her babies?

Yes, in just a few hours after birth, a guinea pig is able to become pregnant again.

Last month you delivered twin babies in 21st week and both the babies died after one month again you got your periods there anychance to get pregnant again My delivery is normal?

Im sorry if that happens but yes! after being pregnant you have a 80% higher chance of getting pregnant for your first year!

Is Keyshia Cole having a baby?

Yes, she had her baby. She is not pregnant again.

Is jamielynn pregnant again?

possibly she has been having sexual activities

Can a boy Russian dwarf and a girl Russian dwarf hamster live in the same cage?

Yes, if you're willing to have litters and litters of babies! Once the female gets pregnant though, you have to separate them. After the female has her babies, you can put the whole family back together. If they start fighting each other, then separate them again.

If your hamster is pregnant should you keep the father with them?

No. The father will eat the babies and could impregnate her again once she has her litter. Back-to-back pregnancies cause stress and can kill a mother and her unborn litter or she may eat her current litter due to stress.

How do you get your hamster pregnant?

First you must have: Two empty hamster cages A female hamster A male hamster A cardboard box Between the ages of about 4 and 12 months, your female hamster will have a 'day' every 4 days. When this happens she will go stiff and stick her tail in the air. If you want your hamster to be pregnant (she must be over the age of 4 months) put her in the cardboard box and let her get used to it. After a few minutes, put in your male hamster. The male hamster will probably go up to your female and try to clean her before clinging to her. If this doesn't happen wait a few minutes but if they are fighting take the hamsters out and try again some other day. If they start mating, leave them in there for half a hour or until your male loses interest in the female. Then put your hamsters back in its cage. You should be very careful when handling your female if you think she might be pregnant. Hamsters are pregnant for 16 days, then they give birth to 4 - 16 babies. When she has been pregnant for 10 days move your hamster to a cage without wide bars so the babies cannot escape when they are born. Stop handling her and leave her alone, she will build a nest. Give her cheese. Give her more cheese. The babies are very cute but don't touch them until they are 3 weeks old! Or the mummy might eat them! Sounds weird but my hamsters have eaten their babies sometimes because they think it won't survive :-( For more information email me: 7kierra7@gmail.com. Kierra :-)

What do you need 4 your hamsters babies?

you will need to keep your hamster in her cage for 4 weeks before you start pick her up again but be careful as she could bite you because she is look out for her babies don't worry if she goes away for her babies.

Will the male hamster eat the baby hamsters?

Your hamster could eat its babies and then again it might not. You do need to separate the male from the cage because he definitely will eat them. Make sure that you are feeding them the best food possible

Does a hamster mom be gentle again once it has babies?

Yes and they like to be left alone for the first few weeks she will let you know when its time to play with them.

Did anyone get pregnant more than once after having there tubes tied?

Having your tubes tied is not entirely effective, if you've gotten pregnant once with them tied chances are you can again.

How soon can the dog get pregnant again after having puppies?

She can get pregnant during her next heat cycle. Her cycle should still be on schedule.

How long after giving birth can a guinea pig get pregnant again?

It has been known to get pregnant again right after giving birth. The same day as it delivered the babies. This is not advised however because this can stress a good mama piggy.

How long after having a baby can you tell im pregnant?

If you have had the baby you were pregnant for the last 9 months. If you are trying to get pregnant again after having a baby just regulate your periods as usual and if you are late, head to the pharmacy and grab a test..

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