How soon can you put flea medication on a puppy?

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3-4 weeks old. skin is still very sensitive
first you need tp make sure what your applying is age appreotriate. It also depends on the type pf product. Some go between the shoudlers and other go down the entire back and thats if topical. There are pills and collars.
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Treating fleas on a puppie?

You can treat puppies with any topical flea treatment like Advantix. The puppies need to be 7 weeks old before you can use this product on the puppy. To treat a puppy younger

What do fleas do to puppies?

Hi, . While fleas may seem too tiny to cause much more than an inconvenience, an infestation of fleas on your dog can become a serious medical problem indeed. Your dog can

Do puppies have fleas?

some do some dont neither litter my dog has had fleas think it depends on the parents

How do puppies get fleas?

Puppies can get fleas from their parents who might already have fleas or from the outside if they have been out. Fleas can jump high and the parents can pass on the fleas to t
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Is it ok if you put a flea collar on your 8 week old puppy?

I don't think your supposed to but there are powders and other things that you can apply that last a couple of weeks and that don't come off if they are washed etc. They are u
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What do you do if your puppy gets fleas?

buy a special flea shampoo and scrub Ur dog genital but good if that dont help take it to the vet or buy a flea collar
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Can you use flea medication ona 7 week old puppy?

Yes you can use flea powder or flea spray on a young pup. Just make sure the stuff you are using says on the label, "safe for puppies". Then you should take your pup into see
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Can fleas make puppies blind?

fleas can blind animal also as an puppie you have to take it to the vet asap.