How soon can you put flea medication on a puppy?

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3-4 weeks old. skin is still very sensitive
first you need tp make sure what your applying is age appreotriate. It also depends on the type pf product. Some go between the shoudlers and other go down the entire back and thats if topical. There are pills and collars.
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What flea medication is safe for rabbits?

DO NOT use Frontline (chemical name is Fipronil) on your rabbit! This topically applied flea medication has been linked with numerous rabbit deaths due to severe neurological side effects. Advantage for Kittens and (NOT Advantix) and Revolution for Kittens have safely been used to treat flea and ( Full Answer )

How do you treat fleas on puppies?

Just use a flea shampoo and then a collar after wards or one of those flea prevention meds you add to their food. Another option would be to start your puppy on a flea/tick preventative like Frontline, Advantage or Revolution. These medications, while expensive, also help control other parasites. I ( Full Answer )

Can a cat be poisoned by flea medication?

yes. some of the flea products available for sale in pet shops and supermarkets in the UK are toxic to cats if given at inappropriately high dose. the classic poisoning situation is where a product sold for dogs is applied onto a cat so take care and consult a vet if you need furhter info on this.

How soon can you get your puppy spayed?

You can get your puppy spayed no earlier then 6 months of age.. Another Point of View . Traditionally, a spay or neuter surgery takes place when a pup is approximately 6 months old, before puberty sets in. The age of 6 months was chosen arbitrarily years ago and isn't set in stone. Today, veteri ( Full Answer )

What flea medication is safe for ferrets?

DON'T GUESS IF A FLEA PRODUCT MIGHT BE OKAY TO USE ON FERRETS,or IF YOU'RE NOT SURE, DON'T USE IT as they are sensitive to alot of products, but a ferret does need to be treated, just fewfleas can cause anemia and possibly death. Never use any dogproducts,COCAINE, flea collars, dips , also some ca ( Full Answer )

How soon do I start watering puppies?

they should be feeding from their mother if they are newborns :) but after about a month you should start to feed then soft and broken up food in small amounts x

How soon can you bathe newborn puppies?

Professional bathing is not recommended until at least 8 weeks. This allows the dog's immune system to build before being introduced to other dogs. However, you can bathe your newborns at home at 3 weeks, using UNSCENTED Dawn dish soap. Make sure you keep it away from their eyes and nose, and dry th ( Full Answer )

What to bath a 7 week puppy with that has fleas?

I have used Dawn dish soap....very carefully...on stray kitten I found who was infested with fleas. There is a lot of controversy about this...and it is very drying to the animals skins. There 'may' be store brands that are now okay for puppies and kittens, so you may want to try that first. If you ( Full Answer )

Treating fleas on a puppie?

You can treat puppies with any topical flea treatment like Advantix. The puppies need to be 7 weeks old before you can use this product on the puppy. To treat a puppy younger than 7 weeks for fleas just apply the treatment to the mother and her close contact with the puppies will rid them of fleas.

How do you get fleas off new born puppies?

To remove fleas from a newborn puppy you will first need to fill asink with enough warm water to soak the puppy thoroughly. Rub Dawndish soap over the entire puppy, lathering completely. Makes sureyou do not get the soap in the eyes or mouth of the puppy. Rinsethoroughly. Use tweezers to remove any ( Full Answer )

What can you do for fleas on a 4 week old puppy?

Take him(or her) to the vet. They sell medication for fleas and such. I believe there are flea collars/flea baths that your pet can get to treat them. Though I might be wary of the bath at 4 weeks... A vet's opinion is always best.

What do fleas do to puppies?

Hi, . While fleas may seem too tiny to cause much more than an inconvenience, an infestation of fleas on your dog can become a serious medical problem indeed. Your dog can run the gamut of reactions to fleas, from a mild skin irritation to a severe allergic response.. And because fleas feed on b ( Full Answer )

What do puppy dog fleas look like and how do you get rid of them on a puppy?

They look like little ants. They are black and are easy to see, they also leave flea dirt which can be removed by a brush. Ask your local pet shop or vet shop for flea treatment they recommend the best for your breed. If you join a package at your local vet there will be a package that you can purch ( Full Answer )

What is the best brand of flea treatment for puppies?

It depends on the age of the puppy. But if i were you i wouldn't put flea treatment on them until they are at least 8 weeks of age. I use frontline plus on all of my dogs and cats.

Do puppies have fleas?

some do some dont neither litter my dog has had fleas think it depends on the parents

Can you use a puppy flea collar on a cat?

Dog fleas are a different species than cat fleas, and flea collars are designed for the specific flea type. A dog collar on a cat would probably be less effective, or may not work at all.

Do puppies die from fleas?

Not usually . Fleas will cause a puppy to die from anemia which is a loss of blood which is critical to any puppies well being .

How do you give flea medications in foopet?

You give flea medication by first clicking shop on the tabs above. Then you buy it with either foogems or foodollars. And lastly you go on your pets profile and if it says they have not been treated by fleas then just give them the medication you bought.

How do you get rid of fleas and prevent your puppy from getting fleas again?

Keep your puppy in your bathroom and give him/her a flea bath. Any type of dog shampoo should work but any shampoo with oatmeal in it is best because no irritation will occur (i guarantee) . While your giving your pup a flea bath get some one else to spray ALL of the furniture with raid. Change your ( Full Answer )

Will baby shampoo kill fleas on puppies?

No, you need to use a treatment supplied by a vet - and please understand if you sea a flea on an animal that is only a female feeding, the majority of the flea population is actually in the animals beading. Therefore it is no use just treating the animal you have to treat you house and the animals ( Full Answer )

Is flea collers harmfull for puppies?

According to my vet flea collers can cause cancer if the dog chews on it. It was reccomended to use the liquid solution for flea protection.

How do puppies get fleas?

Puppies can get fleas from their parents who might already have fleas or from the outside if they have been out. Fleas can jump high and the parents can pass on the fleas to their puppies. Also, once a flea is on a dog, it may lay some eggs on the dog and these eggs would most likely fall off and co ( Full Answer )

Bath 3week old puppies for fleas?

You can try bathing them so they get use to water but i wouldn't use flea drops as it is bad for them because they are so young but try to buy flea shampoo.

What can you use on puppies to prevent them from getting fleas?

Vets have some sort of medication you put on the backs of their necks that is very effective-- I think the name is frontline. It works well on my dad's Yorkie who is not much bigger than a puppy. It takes care of ticks, too. It is expensive but that's life.

How do you take off flea medication?

If you have accidentally applied too much flea medication to your pet, you can immediately wash it off with soap and warm water. However, the absorption rate of most topical (applied to skin) flea medications is pretty quick, so you should still watch your cat very carefully for signs of disorientat ( Full Answer )

Is it ok if you put a flea collar on your 8 week old puppy?

I don't think your supposed to but there are powders and other things that you can apply that last a couple of weeks and that don't come off if they are washed etc. They are usually sold at pet stores and maybe even at the vet. Hope this answer helped.

How soon can a puppy get a rabies shot?

You should have your dog vaccinated against Rabies at 4 months, that would be the soonest. Don't forget about the other vaccinations needed. You should take your pup into be checked out by your Veterinarian. Bring in a small sample of his feces too so that the Vet can check for internal parasites to ( Full Answer )

Can you use flea medication ona 7 week old puppy?

Yes you can use flea powder or flea spray on a young pup. Just make sure the stuff you are using says on the label, "safe for puppies". Then you should take your pup into see your Veterinarian to have it checked up and dewormed. Fleas carry tapeworm eggs so your pup is probably infected with tapewor ( Full Answer )

How do you take care of fleas on newborn puppies?

Put 1/8th of a cup of rat-killer in your puppy's milk. The chemicals react with the puppy's stomach and enters its bloodstream. From the bloodstream, the chemicals seep through the puppy's skin and kills the fleas. It's the easist, cheapest and most effective method.

How soon can you teach your puppy to sit?

Repetition. If you keep repeating the word 'sit' to a dog and maybe show some motion, it'll recognize what you're telling it to do after a while. It's like a name. When you call your dog over by the name you gave it, they'll respond, recognizing that you're beckoning to them, just like how you re ( Full Answer )

How soon can a Yorkshire puppy get pregnant?

Dogs of any breed can have their first heat cycle anytime between 6 and 8 months of age. A female dog gets significant health benefits if she's spayed before the onset of her first heat cycle. A dog should not be bred before she is two years old, or after she's seven years old. A female dog shoul ( Full Answer )