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You should wait at least 24 hours, and most stylists recommend 2-3 days. The longer you wait the better, if you wash it right away you might lose a lot of the curl.

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Q: How soon can you wash your hair after perming?
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Can you wash your hair before perming?

No , you shouldn't because it cuts your hair

Different test to do before perming and how?

wash your hair

Is crimping better or perming?

Krimping is better than perming because perming uses chemicals that can damage your hair and you have to wait for it to grow out but krimping while it isn't good for your hair is not a bad as perming

Is it possible to perm AND bleach your hair. meaning perming and blaeching the same hair?

yes, chemicals are used when perming and bleaching hair,

How soon can color be applied to hair after a perm?

Hair color can be applied to your hair at least 2 weeks after a perm. Alternately if you color your hair first you must wait 2 weeks before perming.

Does perming your hair hurt keratin?


Should you perm your hair after a wash?

Im my opinion as a cosmetology student: we wash everyones hair before a perm! Your hair has to be washed to remove the build up and possible medication build up on the hair! So yes you should wash your hair; use a clarifying shampoo(from the salon) and wash your hair twice in luke warm water. Do not condition the hair. And use a porosity balancer brfore you use the perming solutuion.

Is hair perming lotion a acid?


Do hair lasers assist in perming hair?

yes they do if you got to the salon

Is hair perm lotion an acid?

hair perming lotion is a acid

Do hair lasers play a role in perming hair?

Currently there are no lasers that are designed to perm hair. The perming process uses chemicals to change the bonds between certain amino acid molecules in hair. Currently, the laser energy is both too strong and non-specific so it will only damage hair. Perhaps in the (not too distant??) future they will design lasers with hair perming in mind that will either directly produce the perming effect or augment the curent array of chemicals that perm hair.

What are some processes that people do to their hair?

perming. colouring. bleaching. hair transplants.

Is Hair Perming Lotion an acid or a base?


Is perming really bad for your hair?

yes yes

Hair perming lotion acid or alkali?


Is hair perming lotion acid or alkaline?


How soon after should you wash your hair after wave nouveau perm?

1 week

What happens when you stop perming your hair?

Nothing particularly bad will happen to your hair. although, you should wait until the perm from your hair is gone by A.cutting it all off or B.going natural and waiting for the perm to disappear. Also, if you want your hair to be moisturized and textured, you will need to co-wash your hair (wash it with conditioner instead of shampoo). Do it weekly, and your hair will receive more natural oils giving it body and texture,

Is perming bad for your hair?

Yes it is very bad and if you don't have the right hair it could dissolve and burn your hair

Should you color hair before perming it?

because it will take the colour our of the hair

Will perming your hair help pass hair follicle test?

No, that doesn't even make sense...

How long should you wait to bleach your hair after perming it?

13 hours

Is there a hair dye you can use right after perming?

don't ever dye your hair right after perming you must wait two weeks after or dye it two weeks before, you must remember perming and colouring hair are the two most damaging things to do to your hair especially if it isn't done correctly, so you must give your hair time to adjust to its new state before doing it any more damage. hope this helps

Is white hair the wisdom hair?

Yes, antique blonde it is also the most resistant to color and perming.

What is the best way to perm boys hair?

you should do it during a petticoat punnishment and perming hair be a part of it