How soon do babies smile?

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Babies may show their first hints of (non-gas related) smile by 6 weeks, but it becomes more regular by 12 weeks. By 6 months, they will smile at people they know best.
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How soon can you figure out who the father of the baby is?

Answer . You can call you local child support office and ask then for a DNA test and they will hunt him down, all you need is his first,last name or both and After they set up a DNA test if his not that father they will keep helping you if you help your self they will help you.

How soon can you find out the sex of your baby?

Answer . Wow, went to look this up because i think it is 14 (earliest) -19 weeks ultra sound, most common at 18' 19th week. However check out this link -. My doctor did an ultrasou ( Full Answer )

How soon can you touch a baby guinea pig?

Answer . \nRule of thumb, when the baby is moving around by itself, "Thats not to say you can't touch it", to pick it up, whatever the mother and baby are being held in, and the guinea pig has a lot of fur, you do not want to discourage the mother from nursing the baby. some mothers are very car ( Full Answer )

How soon do babies laugh?

Answer . According to Cynthia Dedrick, PhD "Development Milestones" the age is 2 - 6 months (normal range.). STUDIES PROVE: Babies are not born with a sense of humor, but mimic from their parents or those around them. It's advised to start teaching your child early to laugh and to slowly learn a ( Full Answer )

How soon a baby should be in the uterus?

A pregnancy test MAY show positive from about 10 days after ovulation. But the period may still come. I am not sure what the first answer means.

How soon can you hear a baby?

actually my wife & i heard the baby heart beat @ 6 weeks and 2 days threw ultra sound! and she is not very thin she is average about 150! 5"2. Honestly if you dont hear a heart beat by 7 weeks you need to get an internal ulta sound which most obs have! **Have to disagree with this. It is not p ( Full Answer )

Why do infant babies smile in their sleep?

There are many reasons why they smile, but I have always been told its because they are playing with angels.. (Physiologically, infant smiles can be produced by a number of stimuli, the stereotypical media explanation being intestinal gas. Within a few weeks of birth, most infants begin to associat ( Full Answer )

How soon can you break baby from bottle?

I have herd as soon as they cut the first teeth. I have also herd around one year old. I have an 11 mth old i am wondering the same thing but just that i would tell you what ive been told

How soon can you tell the gender of your baby?

At the first ultrasound at 12 weeks, or if you use a gender selection technique, before you even become pregnant... check out

Baby says jesus is coming soon?

Jesus already came, died on the cross to wash everyones sins away, and rose. He will be back though when the time is right

How soon after you have a baby do you get your period?

It depends, you may get it as soon as 4 weeks after, or it may be many months particularly if you are completely breastfeeding. You can get pregnant though as you ovulate two weeks before your period.

When do babies start smiling?

Babies start smiling immediately as reflex from gas. Baby's first smile as a reaction to another human can be as early as five weeks.

Why do babies smile?

Babies who smile at a young age usually have gas. They do smilebecause they are happy but newborns honestly they probably havegas.

How soon can you travel by car with a new baby?

You can travel by car with a new baby as soon as they are released from hospital. But do make sure that you use an appropriate car seat for their weight and age. You should sit the baby in the rear (normally facing the rear of the car) as airbags in the front are dangerous for a baby if they are act ( Full Answer )

When does baby first smile?

usually after they can see,which is after about 5 months.then they see and hear funny noises and faces.

How soon after a lama has a baby can you breed them?

Like the Ogden Nash poem says: The one-L lama, he's a priest. The two-L llama, he's a beast. But I will bet a silk pajama There's no such thing as a three-L lllama. . But assuming this question is about two "L" llamas:. Female llamas can conceive as early as four to six months of age, ( Full Answer )

How does smiling help a baby survive?

It should help it survive by helping it learn how to use its facial muscles so when its older he or she knows how to smile and communicate with other people using its face.

What age do babies smile?

Smiling begins at birth; yet it is more out of natural instinct than to show an outward sign of pleasure. It has been found that this generally occurs at around 2 months of age.. Babies smile in the womb, probably just to flex the facial muscles. Smiling to indicate pleasure starts generally around ( Full Answer )

Why does baby smile during sleep?

Same reason a dog "chases rabbits" in his sleep...their minds are elsewhere dreaming just like humans do.

How soon does a baby move when pregnant?

You probably won't feel your baby kick until around week 16 and 22, even though the baby has been moving since week 7 or 8. You may have already witnessed these movements during an ultrasound. This is often known as a fluttering feeling or a grasshopper walking across your belly during the first ( Full Answer )

Can a baby smile?

Of coures but not right when there born it may take some time for the baby to show you a smile :)

Why does a newborn baby cry as soon as it is out of the womb?

new born baby's cry from the shock of being man handled literally, their used to being tucked away in mama's womb feeling secure in the fetal position, so when the baby comes out they are feeling scared and need that secure fetal feeling. And it is also good for them to cry so they can clear the lun ( Full Answer )

How soon do you need to separate baby hamsters?

The puppies stop drinking from the mother at two weeks old. They need to be separated at 5 weeks because this is when they can get pregnant and will fight if kept together.

What can happen if a baby tooth is extracted to soon?

If a baby tooth is extracted to soon, as was the case for me, the adult teeth will grow through in the wrong order. This will mean the teeth are out of alignment and you will probably need braces

What happens to baby horse separated to soon?

Well he can't get any food. Depending on how old he is he might be able to live. If he is still pretty young he will just starve to death. You can buy some special milk for him and feed it to him. Once they are old enough hen you can introduce grass.

What is the best way to make a baby smile?

It all depends. You could pull funny faces, make funny noises, play with them, peek a boo, smile back if the baby smiles, tickle them or just show them love.

How soon must a baby gift be sent?

It depends upon the distance it has to travel. The best thing isfor the baby to receive the gift before the special occasion.Recently I sent a baby tutu dress to my best friend's kid as abirthday gift and it reached her three days before her birthday. As a general rule for a new birth, I would say ( Full Answer )

How soon can a baby see after birth?

A baby can see immediately after birth, though his/her vision is quite blurry. Babies can see clearly roughly 10-12 inches, which happens to be the distance from a woman's breast to her face. When babies nurse, they are able to clearly and easily see the most important and intriguing thing to them-- ( Full Answer )

What exactly is a vtech v smile baby?

Vtech V.Smile Baby Learning Game is a game which was released by the company Vtech. The game is for babies between nine months and three years. It teaches babies manners, shapes, counting, music and motion.

How soon can you have a baby with your boyfriend?

Around a year or maybe more after you start dating. You should getto know him a bit better, make sure he is okay in the idea ofchildren and is completely faithful to you. You don't want him toleave you once he finds out about it. Also make sure you haveenough money to take care of the child, yoursel ( Full Answer )