When is the age of when babies smile the real smile?

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On average babies start smiling at 2 months - but some are earlier, some later.
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Do dogs smile?

Ask an expert on dog behavior why dogs smile, and you may get a somewhat complicated answer involving submissive behavior, automatic responses, etc. They often ruefully conclude, "But dogs don't really smile, at least, not for the same reasons we do." Ask the average dog owner the same question, an ( Full Answer )

Why do you smile?

You smile because the body has a sense of happiness, which activates your nerves and pulls your mouth into the most relaxing state possible: the smile! * You smile when you are happy or trying to prove you are happy to people around you. Smiling is actually important, believe it or not. It shows ( Full Answer )

How do you smile?

Look on the bright side of life, think good things, be happy, do something you enjoy and you may not even know it but you are smiling!

What is SMILES?

SMILES is a way of representing chemical structures using (fairly)short ASCII strings. It stands for Simplified Molecular Input LineEntry System and was developed as a way for computer systems tostore chemical structure information in a database. Many SMILES strings may map to the same molecule ... ( Full Answer )

What is a smile?

It is a physical expression of pleasure which shows on the face, usually with an upturn of the lips, and it may show in the cheeks and eyes as well.A smile is a facial expression expressed with the corners of thehuman mouth when one is pleased, satisfied, or amused.

Why do infant babies smile in their sleep?

There are many reasons why they smile, but I have always been told its because they are playing with angels.. (Physiologically, infant smiles can be produced by a number of stimuli, the stereotypical media explanation being intestinal gas. Within a few weeks of birth, most infants begin to associat ( Full Answer )

What are synonyms of smile?

Most synonyms of smile have other connotations: -- "grin" is fairly close --"beamed" can be used for past tense (smiled) -- "smirk" implies condescension or mischief

Does age affect smiling?

The younger you are, the more smiles you create. Kids smile 400 times a day while teens and adults only smile 20 times a day. The older you get, you get more stress,responsibility, and work that you never have enough time to actually smile.

Why are you smiling?

you smile because you are happy at something or excited. Maybe u like concerts. If u go to one, then you might be smiling. You use more muscles than frowning, but it is worth it!

When do babies start smiling?

Babies start smiling immediately as reflex from gas. Baby's first smile as a reaction to another human can be as early as five weeks.

Why do babies smile?

Babies who smile at a young age usually have gas. They do smilebecause they are happy but newborns honestly they probably havegas.

How TO Smile?

Enjoy the benefit of smiling. . Be confident when you smile(practice). . Make your smile genuine. . Think happy thoughts. . Smile with your eyes. . Maintain your mouth hygiene. . Smile wide and show your top set of teeth. ...remember; "A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks".

When does baby first smile?

usually after they can see,which is after about 5 months.then they see and hear funny noises and faces.

How soon do babies smile?

Babies may show their first hints of (non-gas related) smile by 6 weeks, but it becomes more regular by 12 weeks. By 6 months, they will smile at people they know best.

How does smiling help a baby survive?

It should help it survive by helping it learn how to use its facial muscles so when its older he or she knows how to smile and communicate with other people using its face.

When you smile the world smile with you?

you remind me of a child, that have a lot of question but all of them can not be answer in a day. all i no that i am a good person and i sorry that i couldn't answer you right so you be bless, you and your family by. Not sure if I understand but here's my awsnser of the part I understand. When u smi ( Full Answer )

What age do babies smile?

Smiling begins at birth; yet it is more out of natural instinct than to show an outward sign of pleasure. It has been found that this generally occurs at around 2 months of age.. Babies smile in the womb, probably just to flex the facial muscles. Smiling to indicate pleasure starts generally around ( Full Answer )

Just smile and smile smile smile for you song?

yes this is ridiculous whenever you are singing. It is great to have a party when your tired, especially by yourself. I would consider a donkey for a pet if you are over the age of 2. Unicorns are pretty but a bit too big if you are thinking of going to the pool for a swim.

Why does baby smile during sleep?

Same reason a dog "chases rabbits" in his sleep...their minds are elsewhere dreaming just like humans do.

Can a baby smile?

Of coures but not right when there born it may take some time for the baby to show you a smile :)

Who sang 'Smile a little smile'?

The Flying Machine is best known for its major hit single in 1969, "Smile a Little Smile For Me", which peaked at number 5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100chart (on Kapp Records' Congress record label) Their first record which was self titled was released by Janus Records in 1969.

How do you make smilely?

push: shift and the Two little dots on your keyboard. then shift again and the number zero ( or 0 )

Do kangaroos smile?

I not so sure they do but once I was with them and one defiantly winked at me.

Is it good to smile?

Yes,it is pleasant to smile,but you have to know when to smile and when to be serious.

What kind of smile is a dry smile?

I think its a smile without warmth or emotion, meant for people you don't like. Well, that's as close as I can put it :/

How do you compare between fake smile n real smile?

Fake and real smiles use different facial muscles and the difference can be spotted mostly around the eye area. A real smile causes the person to squint and crows feet beside the eyes will show up while the person is smiling there is also a tendency for the eyebrows to dip during a real smile. a fak ( Full Answer )

One may smile and smile and smile and still be villain?

Said by Hamlet in Act 1, Scene 5: "...O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain! My tables,--meet it is I set it down, That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain; At least I'm sure it may be so in Denmark..." http://www.online-literature.com/shakespeare/hamlet/6/

What is the best way to make a baby smile?

It all depends. You could pull funny faces, make funny noises, play with them, peek a boo, smile back if the baby smiles, tickle them or just show them love.

Does aging affect the way you smile?

No! Aging doesn't effect the way you smile, unless you have any problems with your mouth, it doesn't. Plus a banana and llamas balls buns cup of wtear Backus

Why is it important to know whether a smile is real or fake?

It's important to know if a smile is real or fake because a lot of people have a smile on their face but actually want to break down, if somebody can recognize the true depth of a smile it can help them to understand the other person. People who have fake smiles are usually in dire need for somebody ( Full Answer )

How do you smile without smiling?

Some people believe that you can smile with your eyes. Eyes definitely show emotion. Also, body language can express happiness without having a smile on your face.

Is smile dog real?

I do not believe it is real but many people do indeed believe it. Many people have been complaining as the supposedly real smile dog image does not give the effects people claim it is supposed to. All the image does is give you a little chill for one second then you move on. People have been searchi ( Full Answer )

Is the smile dog real?

No he is just a myth some people say hes real but if you see thepicture you might have nightmares so i do not advice looking at thepicture(s)

Where can someone go to find images of baby smiles?

When one is looking for picture of babies smiling, options will be easiest to locate on the web. Examples include, but are not limited to, colourbox, whattoexcept, pxleyes, photobucket and imageshack to name only a few out of the plethora of sites one could find such images.

What exactly is a vtech v smile baby?

Vtech V.Smile Baby Learning Game is a game which was released by the company Vtech. The game is for babies between nine months and three years. It teaches babies manners, shapes, counting, music and motion.

How can i Smile?

it is the musle's in your lipe's that can make you grin when yousay e.

How do we smile?

How do we smile is often an asked question. We smile because we arehappy. The way we smile is in our mouths, we have a series ofmuscles. Facial ones. When we are happy our brains control themuscles to pull the apart and up towards the nose and slightly downtowards the chin. Our lips are soft and wet ( Full Answer )