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Sound is a longitudinal wave and a light wave is a transverse wave.

Sound requires a medium to travel through but light can propagate without any medium.

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Q: How sound waves differ from light waves?
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Related questions

How do sound waves differ from water waves?

they differ because waves are sound waves and water waves are waves in the water.

Light waves differ fundamentally from either water waves or sound waves because?

Sound and water waves are mechanical and therefore need a medium. Light is an electromagnetic wave which travels as a particle-wave, so it does not need a medium to travel through.

Compare and contrast light waves with sound waves?

Light waves and sound waves differ in many ways one of them being speed. I am going to summarize it in points:-The speed of sound waves in air is almost 360m/s while that of light is 299,792,468m/s. The speed of sound is max in solids.Sound waves are mostly longitudinal. Very few are transversal. Light waves are always transversal.Sound waves are mechanical while light waves are electromagnetic i.e. they have an electric field and an magnetic field in the direction mutually perpendicular to each other.

Do light and sound both move in waves?

Light and sound both move in waves. Light is much faster than sound. Light waves are smaller than sound waves.

How are sound waves differ from light waves?

Light waves travel much faster. Also, sound waves are waves of compression that move through matter (usually air, but water and solids work too!). Whereas light waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum and they do not require anything to move through. They are happy to move through vacuum.

What is an explanation of how energy travels in waves to produce light and sound?

Light travels in waves, and sound travels in waves. However, sound waves and light waves are very different, and it is important not to confuse the two. Light travels in electromagnetic waves, and sound does not. Sound waves are caused by vibration.

How are light waves differ from sound waves and water waves?

Light waves are not mechanical waves. This means that it does not need a material medium as an essential entity to get propagated through. But sound waves need some material medium such as air, water or even solid metals. Water waves badly needs water surface.Light waves has incredible speed but the other two are not so

Sound waves that are musical differ in from other sound waves?


Are sound waves transverse waves while light waves are longitudinal waves or are all sound waves and light waves longitudinal waves?

Light waves are transverse.Sound waves may be transverse or longitudinal. Sound in gases can only be longitudinal.

Are sound waves stronger than light waves?

No because light waves are stronger and brighter and sound waves are light and dull

Why the radio waves are similar to light waves but not sound wavesexplain?

Radio and light waves are electromagnetic waves, sound waves are not.

Why are light and sound waves?

light and sound are in waves, because when a sound is made, such as a gun shot, the sound rips through the air in waves. as for light? noidea bro.

How are sound waves the same as water waves and light waves?

I can provide a partial answer. Sound waves differ from light waves in at least one crucial respect: a sound wave can only propagate through a physical substance - through "stuff". While a light wave can also propagate through a physical substance (e.g. glass), it can also propagate through a vacuum (a sound wave cannot do this). There are other differences as well, but perhaps other posters can provide those.

Why light waves can be polarized while sound waves cannot?

Light has Transverse waves and sound does not.

How are sound waves different from light waves?

The two are different because Sound waves are longitudinal mechanical waves, but light waves are transverse electromagnetic waves, and sound requires a medium through which to travel, but light doesn't. Basically, Sound waves move sort of differently than Light waves.

What waves travel faster sound or light?

Light waves travel faster than sound waves.

How do light waves differ from seismic waves?

light waves are transversal, seismic waves are longitudinal.

Differences between light and sound waves?

Sound waves must travel through a medium, light does not require a medium. Sound waves are longitudinal waves, light are transverse waves.

Why can light waves travel in vacuum but sound waves cannot?

Because sound waves are waves in material media, but light waves are not.

How light waves and sound waves are different?

light waves are a form of light. sound waves are a form of sound. you can hear sound but can not see can see light but you can not hear it.light from a light source such as the sun,a light bulb or flashlight.light is made up of all colors.

Do sound waves have wavelengths slightly longer than light waves?

Sound waves are much longer then light waves.

What types of waves are sound and light waves?

Sound waves are a type of mechanical waves. Light waves are a type of electromagnetic waves.

Why can light waves be polarized but not sound waves?

of it depend upon the non mechanical waves and the mechanical waves. sound waves are paralell to the motion of the sound it is longitudinal while light waves are transverse

How do machanical waves differ from electromagnetic waves?

Mechanical waves badly need a material medium to get propagated. Example: Sound waves But electromagnetic wave can pass even through vaccum. Example: Light waves.

How are light waves and sound waves the same?

No. Light waves are electromagnetic waves, and they do not require any medium to exist. Whereas sound waves are compression waves in a material. If there is no material, like in space, then there is no sound.