How stable is burning photos onto blu-ray is it more stable storage than DVD?

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Why DNA is more stable than RNA?

This is an interesting question you pose, and is one that has been widely studied over the last 50 years. The structural differences between RNA and DNA are well understood, though there is still some debate surrounding the dominant energetics underlying these nucleic acid interactions. This i ( Full Answer )

Is Liberia more stable than in the past?

Liberia is not save at all. The current government is creating more fear in its citizens and human rights abuses are ever increasing. The administration focuse on self proclaim success which is never seen. Only the ruling party enjoy freedom while other who are uposition to the government are intimi ( Full Answer )

Why phenol ion is more stable than phenol?

If you are referring to a phenoxide ion when you say "phenol ion." I can help you. It all has to do with the delocalisation of the negative charge. To be clear, in the phenoxide ion, oxygen is the center of highest electron density. Because oxygen has a lone pair of electrons that can transfer to th ( Full Answer )

Is a supersaturated solution more stable than a saturated solution?

A saturated solution is more stable than a super saturated one. The reason for this is because the super saturated solution has an extra amount of solute. If you tap, poke, shake or put anything else in the supersaturated solution, the extra solute (that was used to reach super saturation) will cr ( Full Answer )

Why Stable storage cannot be implemented?

Since all storage devices are hardware and are therefore vulnerableto the unpredictability of mechanical or electronic devicefailures. The closest approximation to stable storage are databasesystems that write data to multiple storage devices at the sametime. If one device crashes, the data is still ( Full Answer )

Why are many elements more stable as ions than they are as atoms?

Elements which are "metals" - meaning that they have excess electrons that can flow from atom to atom, and elements that are halogens, meaning that they lack only one electron to have a full electron shell, are both more stable as ions than as neutral elements. Sodium, for example, has one "extra" ( Full Answer )

Is sugar more stable than carbon dioxide?

It is carbon dioxide that is more stable than sugar. Sugar, which is a general term for several different larger molecules composed of carbon chains, will decompose when heated. This is just one example of the relative instability of sugar when compared to carbon dioxide.

Are ions more stable than atoms?

Yes, Ions are more stable than atoms due to the gain of electrons which gives them a full shell.

Why ferric ion is more stable than ferrous ion?

In Ferric ion there are 5 electrons in 'd' orbitals so 'd' is half filled which is stable electronic configuration in Ferrous ion 'd' orbitals have 6 electrons.

Why emitter bias is more stable than base bias?

Collector current and emitter current are related by I c = α I e with α ≈ 1, so increase in emitter current with temperature is opposed, and operating point is kept stable. Similarly, if the transistor is replaced by another, there may be a change in I C (corresponding to change in ( Full Answer )

Why is hydrogen more stable than oxygen in car tires?

have you ever seen videos of a hydrogen bomb that's why lol. but you don't use pure oxygen cause that's poisonous and extremely flammable you use air which is (70% nitrogen, 29% oxygen 1% etc..

Why cyclopropene is more stable than propene?

Aromatic compounds are resonance stabilized. Hence if a compound is aromatic it is more stable. The main thing to note here is that AROMATICITY GIVES STABILITY TO A COMPOUND. Therefore cyclopropene is an aromatic compound and hence is more stable than propene.

Why is d3 orbital more stable in water than d5?

Lets first take the case of the d3 compound. The no.of orbitals inthe 3d shell is 5. If three electrons occupy three orbitals thenthere are two free orbitals.Therefore According to Valence bondtheory the six water ligands will use the two inner d orbitals theouter s and the p orbitals to form an inn ( Full Answer )

Why trans is more stable than cis?

Because in trans the large substituents (methyl groups, etc.) are farther apart and therefore have less steric strain

Are solutions more stable than gases?

If talking about the gaseous or liquid form of a particular substance, then the solution is more stable. This is due to the fact that liquids have lower temperatures than gases of the same substance, and low temperatures in turn result in a more stable substance. If talking generally about any so ( Full Answer )

Why sodium ions are more stable than sodium ions why?

If you're asking why Sodium ions are more stable than Sodium atoms, it is because most all atoms, besides Hydrogen and Helium, are more stable when they have 8 electrons in their valence shell. They all "want" to be like those atoms which have 8 electrons in their valence shell (the noble gasses). A ( Full Answer )

Is there any Chemical compounds more stable than CO2?

In organic chemistry, CO2 happens to be the most oxidized molecule available (thus being the most stable in our environment). Double bonded carbonyl molecules like CO2 have no more energy left to be utilized. For example, burning compounds like CH4 (methane) will reduce it all into CO2. Another exam ( Full Answer )

How do you burn photos from Picasa onto a DVD-R disc which will play in a DVD machine?

This is how I do it. First, you open your files which should be easy to access, but if you don't know how to, you may be able to find it here on as an answered question. Then, right below the back button, there is a bar that says Organize. A few words next to it, there is a button that s ( Full Answer )

Why tripod is more stable than four legged table?

Because the three feet of the tripod are on the same plane, even if one leg is shorter it will not waver or stumble. However, with four legs, if one leg is shorter it will end up in two planes, or two tripods, and will always waver from one plane to the other, thus making the chair/table unstable. C ( Full Answer )

Why is tertiary amine more stable than ethanol?

Tertiary amines have alkyl groups around the central atom (nitrogen) while ethanol has hydrogen atoms and one hydroxyl group around the carbon atoms. As a result, ethanol is more prone to attack by other groups while in tertiary amines, stearic hindrance doesn't allow attack of incoming groups. So, ( Full Answer )

Is graphite more stable thermodynamically than diamond?

It is, so diamond will become graphite over time. The structure ofdiamond hinders the necessary kinetics, so the process is veryslow, unnoticeable most of the time. It's because the standard enthalpy of formation of graphite is 0;but diamonds is not equal to 0.

What is stable storage?

Stable storage is a classification of computer data storage technology that guarantees atomicity for any given write operation and allows software to be written that is robust against some hardware and power failures. To be considered atomic, upon reading back a just written-to portion of the disk, ( Full Answer )

Is a boy more emotionally stable than a girl?

I think boys (and males in general) are MORE emotionally unstable than girls (and females in general). Girls seem more emotionally unstable due to the fact that they are taught that it is okay to let their emotions out more often, whereas boys are taught to keep their emotions built up inside. Bui ( Full Answer )

Why UN is more stable than League of Nations?

Due to the advent of globalization, and the internet. The UN nations have become more informatized, on this epoch, and such fact contributes for the stabilization.

Why is neon more stable than chlorine?

Neon has completely filled valence orbitals, obeys octet rule and is hence stable. Chlorine needs one more electron to complete octet and is hence reactive.

Why tropylium ion is more stable than triphenyl carbocation?

as because in case of tropylium cation extra stability arises from the attainment of aromaticity as well as extensive conjugation.It contains 6π electrons which is according to Huckel's rule indicate towards the aromatic compound as well as the system is also a resonance stabilized because of del ( Full Answer )

Is Mn2 plus more stable than Mn3 plus?

Yes, it is. If we look at the electronic configuration of Mn 2+ , it is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 6 4s 0 3d 5 . The 3d orbital is half-filled, which is relatively stable. in Mn 3+ , there are only 4 electrons in the 3d orbital, which is less stable.

Why hydrogen molecule is more stable than hydrogen atom?

A hydrogen molecule has a full valence shell, which is more stable than a hydrogen atom, which has only has 1 electron. The atom either wants to gain or lose an electron, and is significantly less stable.

Why is O2 more stable than O1?

O2 is more stable than O1 because oxygen is very reactive and willing to react with everything and anything including itself until it can find something else to react with.

Why benzyl carbocation is more stable than allylic carbocation?

Stabilization of a carbocation can also be accomplished by reasonance. If the cationic carbon is adjacent to an unsaturated system, the positive charge can be delocalized over adjacent atoms resulting in greater stability of the carbocation. Thus, the carbocations showing resonance are far more stab ( Full Answer )

Is olivine more stable and weathering faster than quartz?

Following Goldich Dissolution Series (Or going backwards by Bowen's Reaction Series), olivine weathers before Quartz. Quartz has a framework silicate structure and olivine has a isolated silicate structure.

Why is a cow more stable than man?

I would assume it is because its wt is ditributed over four supports (legs) rather than two. In addition there is more mass around its central gravity.

Why co factor more stable than enzyme?

A cofactor is a non-protein chemical compound that is bound to a protein. The protein they are bound to are often enzymes. Cofactors are considered "helper molecules" that assist in biochemical transformations. An enzyme are large biochemical molecules that is responsible for many chemical interconv ( Full Answer )

Why is trans isomer more stable than cis isomer?

Because , Cis isomer are same group on same side of the c=c bond . & those are bulky group on the same side , they are formed steric repulsion to each other then Cis isomer are less stable than trans isomer is same group of opposite side of c=c bond no formation of steric repulsion to each other. an ( Full Answer )

Is neon more stable than carbon?

Neon is stable because it is a noble gas, and is alreadyat the highest configuration already.Where as carbon is not in its highest configuration (2,4) so it can gain 4 electrons or gain 4 electrons thats why it is not more stable.... conclusion ---- neon is more stable ..

Why DNA is more stable than RNA in alkaline medium?

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Why is ADP more stable than ATP?

Adensosine Di-Phosphate is at a lower energy configuration than Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. When we have the hydrolysis reaction of ATP such that ATP+H20→ADP+Inorganic Phosphate+Energy, the Inorganic Phosphate has more stability as the split off phosphorus has more resonance configurations to achi ( Full Answer )

Why beta glucose is more stable than alpha?

Because in chair structure of beta-glucose all the 'OH' groups are equatorial which is the stable form while in alpha-glucose one 'OH' group is axial.