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anti discrimination laws helps people from other countries to come and work freely in a country without paying a whole ton of money to get a job.

federal and state laws were passed to protect the right of workers and children

The amounts of money that attempted to insure WORKERS AND ENSURES THE SAFETY TO THE STATE

They are protected by both the state and federal law in Florida.

Protected from the Federal government incase it was corrupt/etc

All laws, local, state and federal protect the community but local ordinances are designed to protect and govern life in a particular community.

In the US it depends on the state in which the prison is located. Whether it is a state or federal prison. And, what type of job.

State governments do not fund Medicare - rather, it is paid by workers and their employers through payroll deduction. Medicaid is co-funded by States and Federal government.

In the state of Kansas, workmen's compensation benefits are not taxable. They are not taxable on either the state or federal level.

Yes, they can as long as the federal law is not contradicted or if it is intended to preempt all state legislation in that area. For example, the federal government establishes a minimum wage, but states are free to establish higher ones if they wish. A higher minimum wage does not conflict with the federal law, because the purpose of the federal law is to help workers and a state minimum wage helps workers even more. Thus, it does not conflict with the intent of the federal law.

It is the federal governments responsibilty to "provide for the common defense" of the United States as a whole. No state has the authority to declare war on another nation.

Payments for injuries under worker's compensation laws are not taxable under federal or state taxes.

Benefits are generally paid by state governments, funded in large part by state and federal

Payday laws, state employee union rights, state EEO agencies, state safety & health laws.

1. a. Federal compensation laws b. State compensation laws

State worker - an employee of a U.S. State or of the governing body of a country. All U.S. Federal employees can be considered "State Workers", but are generally not referred to as such because of Cold War connotations.

Workers obtain employment rights from federal and state statutes. To promote existing statutory rights, study what those rights are and the enforcement mechanisms available to complainats.

Yes, there are. Loggerheads are an endangered species and there are both federal and state laws which are meant to protect them.

The employees of the invividual states' conservation departments are state government employees of each individual state. There are also federal agencies involved in conservation, such as the Environmental Protection Agency or the Parks Service, and their workers are federal government employees on that payroll.

The federal government will protect all states against foreign invasion and internal violence and rebellion. This will be done with the cooperation of the governments at the state level.

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