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Very strong. If fed with a top brand dog food and exercised well then you are looking at a very strong dog. Regular play time with chew toys will strengthen there jaws ( my lab breaks bones in half). How ever a typical lab should have a friendly playful personality. A lab should be able to carry fragile items in its mouth without breaking it.

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Q: How strong are labrador retreivers?
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Why is labrador's fur keep falling?

Labrador Retreivers shed hair every 15 seconds.

How old can labrador Retreivers live for?

The labrador retriever's life span is generally around 11 to 13 years.

Could you please tell Which breed is Gun dog with webbed paws originally from Canada?

Labrador retreivers and Newfoundlands.

How long do Labrodor Retreivers live?

the average Labrador lives to usually up to 14 years,but some live longer.

Do labrador's retreivers have hair or fur?

They have fur, shorter than a golden retriever's. A lab's fur can come in brown, yellow, or black. (I

What countries do Golden Retreivers live?

Golden Retreivers are found everywhere except Antarctica.

List of dog on Nintendogs labrador?

There are;Shiba inu's,welsh corgi embrokes,labrador retreivers, miniature pinschers,toy poodles and finally ninature schnauzers.Labrador Retriever,Minature Pinscher,Toy Poodle,Minature Schnauzer,Pembroke Welsh Corgi,and Shiba Inu.TRhe rast of the breeds you'll have to unlock.

Who is more strong shepherd or labrador?

german shepherd for sure

Do Labrador Retreivers eat fish?

Well, a labrador would eat anything that looks like food... But it wouldn't eat fish if it had another choice ... for example : If in front of a dog were 2 bowls , the 1st bowl with normal dog food , and the 2nd bowl filled with fish ... I THINK the dog would choose dog food . (my personal thought)

How many price of baby labrador?

it depens on how big it is and how strong

Why can a labrador retrievers be a guide dog?

Labrador Retriever can be a good guide dog due to its even temperament, intelligence, strong sense of smell and quick learning ability.

Fastest swimming dog?

im guessing the labrador? i believe this breed of dog, "labrador retreivers" from Newfoundland. were originally bred for "retrieving" purposes. they were mainly a "game" dog. they have a natural instinct of retrieving things. and especially in the water. they have webbed paws [unlike other dogs] and their powerful otter-like tail, acts as a rudder in the water. they have the 2 coats of fur. one which is water proof and the outer layer which has special oils to keep them dry and warm inside. labrador retrievers are natural swimmers.