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It is not hard to see why Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed. Labradors are one of the most obedient and playful breeds. In addition, these dogs are highly sociable and get along with other dogs and people, making them the ideal family pet. In this category, there are questions relating to Labrador Retrievers' temperament, personality, etc.

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Labrador Retrievers

What colors make brown?

Mix equal proportions of red and green to make brown.

If you want it more of a reddish hue such as "burnt sienna", then add more of the red.

If you want it more of a darker brown hue, add more of the green.

Here's a tip : use the darkest red (like alizarin crimson) and the darkest green (like Sap Green).

The related link on understanding mixing colors will give you an overview of mixing starting with the primary colors. It has visual demonstrations for you to see along with written explanations.

Another mixing solution

You must mix varying proportions of all three primary colors, red, blue and yellow, to get brown. Depending on the ratio of the three colors, you can vary the brown from a reddish brown to an orange brown, blueish and purplish brown. When adding white to the brown you have made, you will get the corresponding light brown or tan.

Another Mixing Suggestion

Instead of red and blue, you can just mix equal portions of purple and yellow to get brown.

Another Mixing Suggestion

  1. Mix yellow (primary) and blue (primary) to get green (secondary).

  2. Mix green (secondary) and red (primary) to get brown (tertiary).

Another way to make brown is to mix orange or red paint with a small amount of black paint.

(see related links below)

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Why do black labs cross their paws?

They are just resting. This is not really a breed trait, many dogs do this, but you will see it often on dogs, like labs, who have longer legs in proportion to their bodies (also called "up on leg"). For example, the Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) dogs are more often seen with their front paws crossed than out straight. It is probably the most comfortable position for them when on the floor.

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What does a yellow lab and chocolate lab cross look like?

a choclate lab and yellow lab are the same breed, they just have diffrent color coats so they WILL look the SAME

Labrador Retrievers

How long does a black labs period last?

They start heat for a week, then they bleed for about a week,then they want to breed for a week so all together around 3 weeks.

Labrador Retrievers
Golden Retrievers

Are labradors the same as golden retrievers?

No, the Labrador Retriever is recognised as a completely separate breed to the Golden Retriever. All though both of these breeds were originally bred to retrieve, they were bred along different lines. The Labrador Retriever has a shorter coat and can come in black, brown (chocolate) and blonde (yellow). The Golden Retriever (as it's name suggests) is almost always golden in colour with a longer, flowing coat. There are several other Retriever breeds that look similar, including the Flat-coated Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. All of these breeds were bred for a similar purpose but are each individual Kennel Club recognised breeds, except the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever are much more common.

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Can a whiplash injury cause teeth to die?

I can answer this question. The answer is yes. Whiplash can cause your to clentch down on your teeth causing an impact. This impact can be uniformed and thus the damage teeth caused by the concussion injury may not be symptomatic for years (usually within two years). The injury causes an inflammation (chronic) response and will slowly destroy the vascular bed of the pulp and then the injure tooth or teeth dies. I have seen damage of this type extend to many teeth up to 28 teeth. The accident may even be a minor care accident. Remember, humans are 90% water. Any impact is a serious multiplication of forces. Check your high school physics text. Martial artist rely on impact to stop an opponent. Impact forces are measured to be so high that it may be beyond believe. Whiplash can cause injury similar to a kick or a punch to the chin called "an upper cut" in boxing. I have been researching this subject for the last two years and I presently hold a degree in Dentistry and Medical Sciences.

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At what age does a labrador puppy become a dog?

Because they are larger dogs, labs don't get out of the puppy stage until they are about two years old.

It has nothing to do with their size, its just the dogs temperament and how the dog is, most labs don't get out of the puppy stage until they are around 3 years old.

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How can you stop eating chocolate in the morning?

  • You simply stop eating & buying!
  • Cut down and have something like hot cocoa once in a while.
  • Don't have it in the house in the morning.
  • Replace the old behaviour with another behaviour ... in this case another (better) food.
  • Why stop? Just get your chocolate in a nutritious form - rich chocolaty Ovaltine, SlimFast shakes, Yoplait Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt, etc.
  • If it is a problem - go see a hypnotherapist and remove your unwanted habit. Look up National Guild of Hypnotists on the web to find a certified and capable hypnotherapist. It will cost you around 100 - 200 USD.
  • As a chocoholic, I find it extremely difficult. With 30 pages worth of food allergies, I try to "pretend" I am allergic to chocolate. It doesn't always work, but you can surely give it a shot.
  • Put down the chocolate! Throw it out. Ask yourself what it is going to do for you. It may taste good and feel good to treat yourself, but there is guilt or regret afterwards. Find something you like to do, non-food related and do that so you have no time to eat the chocolate.
  • Many people find that after 3-4 days on a low carbohydrate eating plan they lose the cravings for chocolate, sugar and bakery products. It is a paradox, but it is actually easier to do without them entirely than to eat just a little bit.
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How do you know if a snail is male or female?

They don't have genders.

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Newfoundland and Labrador

Can Black Labradors survive cold weather?

................Nope you will not like the result of that

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Golden Retrievers

Why do yellow labs and golden retrievers look a like?

Because gold and yellow are similar colours

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How can you teach your adult lab to swim?

Make water fun! Is he toy motivated? If so, get him very interested in the toy and then toss it into water that only goes up to his lower legs if that. Most dogs will do into that. Another way is for you to wade out into water maybe up to you knees and then call to your dog. If he comes to you, give him a cookie and praise. Also, every time he touches water (with the exception of drinking it) praise, play, or give a cookie. Now, that'll have most dogs okay with water they can stand in after a while. If you want him to swim as in not touching any ground, that's a little harder. What I would do may seem cruel but honestly it's not. Get the dog on a leash, and simply go into a pool holding the end of it. Most dogs that don't like water will not follow, or won't go past the steps. Put pressure on the leash. If he doesn't swim off the steps, go back, feed a cookie and then swim out again. Say "George, come!" Or whatever the dog's name is. Then, you need to pull the dog *gently* into the water if he still doesn't come. Once he is in, give him a cookie and praise. Wait until he stops thrashing and then let him climb out. Do the entire process again. It's a lot of work, but this will work over time with almost any dog.

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Labrador Retrievers

How many pups does a yellow lab have?

Between 1-14 but you are more likely to get between 4-10.

Labrador Retrievers
Dog Breeding and Mating

When does the labrador has her first menstrual cycle and for how many days?

Most Dogs will have their first menstrual cycle at between 6 months and a year of age. This will then last for an average of 21 days. The Dog will usually only accept a mate between the 7th and 10th day of her season, after she has stopped bleeding. This should happen about twice a year.

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What are the different types of physics?

Types of Physics
  • Particle Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Experimental/Applied Physics
  • Mechanical Physics
  • Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics)
  • Bio Physics
Labrador Retrievers

What is the Male Labrador head structure?

there are 2 types of labs: the American lab and the English lab. The English labs have blocky thicker heads while the American labs are smaller and skinnier. The male labs tend to be bigger overall, though, including their heads.

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What temprament do labrador and blue heelers mixed possess?

i have one of those! hes as smart as a heeler but not as hyper. easy to train and swims like a lab. protective of the house but fine in public. not very friendly to "strangers" and other dogs who enter the house. has never killed or chased any of the wifes pets ( 2 ducks, ducklings, 1 rabbit, 2 horses). i have had both heelers and labs and like the mix best of all.

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Can you use clove oil in dogs gums?


Labrador Retrievers
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What is the difference between fetch and retrieve?

The basic principle is the same. Fetch is normally reserved for toys and balls while retrieve is used for retrieving game. Same principles apply and fetch games are a predecessor to training a dog to retrieve game.

Labrador Retrievers

Are black labs dangerous?

Black Dogs are not dangerous, nor are they harmful in anyway. They need love just like every other dog and cat.

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Labrador Retrievers

What is the Gestation period for labrador retriever?

Generally 63 days, search canine reproduction on the web to get the details. Preganancy is difficult to detect for the first half of the pregnancy or even longer.

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What variety of food Labradors like to eat?

Labradors are notorious for being extremely tolerant of a variety of foods - they are sometimes known as the "garbage disposal" of the household because they tend to eat just about anything edible and a few typically non-edible things as well. In general, if you put dog food in front of a Labrador, he will probably eat it.

If you are looking for a recommendation on a specific food, I suggest talking with your veterinarian. The average house pet Labrador who isn't working on a daily basis can be fed pretty much any commercially available dog food - look for the AAFCO statement on the bag to make sure it is balanced and has complete nutrition. A working Labrador, such as a search and rescue or narcotic detection dog, will need a higher plane of nutrition. To keep your dog healthy, it is strongly recommended you NOT try to make a homemade diet - the vast majority of the recipes on the internet are missing major nutrients and over time will make your Labrador sick. Also, you should limit the amount of "people food" you feed your Labrador - if he's not out working all day, he is liable to start gaining weight, which can lead to problems like arthritis and diabetes over time.

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What are chocolate labs diet?

dog food or water treats/bones.

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What two colors make brown?

Alot of colors make brown when mixed, but probably the easiest is to mix red with green. Varying the amount of each color will give you different shades of brown. Orange and green will be a more tannish brown.

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What kind of dog is a Lab and Greyhound mix?

A lab greyhound mix is a dog that has the coat of a lab combined with the sleek, lean body of a greyhound. These dogs have long backs and long tails. They tend to learn tricks and basic obedience with the eagerness of a labrador but they have the much quieter temperament of a greyhound. Like a greyhound, they frequently have quick short bursts of energy during the day when they want to run at top speed for a good five minutes before they tire themselves out, but unlike a greyhound they, are great off-leash dogs and will come when called. The same can be said for when they're in the presence of little fuzzy animals such as a squirrel or a small fluffy dog. Though lab/greyhound mixes will exhibit strong sight hound instincts, they miraculously can be called back whilst in the middle of a chase. This is fortunate as they are extremely fast.

Although they have webbed toes, lab/greyhounds tend not to like water as they do not have the body fat needed to float very well and find the water cold.

They they tend to be incredibly sweet dogs that for the most part are content to just lie around for a good portion of the day.


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