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Homesteaders were very successful at times, like inventing barbed wire and successfully feed the lot. They were also unsuccessful at times like getting attacked by animals and succumbing from diseases.

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Q: How successful were homesteaders in overcoming problems of living and working on a homestead?
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What was based on the labor problems in homestead?

Homesteaders didn't have "labor problems " the homestead was a family farm.

What problems did the homesteaders face?

mongofied spiders

Homesteaders who tried farming and ranching on the plains were successful?

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Both Mormons and homesteaders faced the problem of living far from 'civilized' society. Getting supplies from the east was difficult, so most were forced to live entirely off the land.

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What are some problems that homsteaders faced?

Some problems that homesteaders face are they had a hard time farming and getting crops to grow properly, disease and sickness without a doctor close by, sometimes they were very isolated due to living out in the country with no neighbors living close, its a very hard life.

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