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Fritzi Eichhorn is 160 cm.


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Fritzi Eichhorn was born on July 22, 1981, in East Berlin, East Germany.

Fritzi Ridgeway is 5' 5".

Fritzi Scheff is 5' 3".

Fritzi Haberlandt is 173 cm.

Fritzi Jackson is 5' 5".

Christoph Eichhorn is 185 cm.

Floriane Eichhorn is 160 cm.

Hilmar Eichhorn is 182 cm.

Karoline Eichhorn is 170 cm.

Laura Eichhorn is 5' 8".

Mark Eichhorn is 6' 3".

Jasna Fritzi Bauer is 158 cm.

The cast of Sprechstunde bei Dr. Frankenstein - 1997 includes: Fritzi Eichhorn as Franziska Frankenstein Floriane Eichhorn as Franziska Frankenstein Silke Matthias as Dr. Charlotte Frankenstein Ursula Staack as Frau Mompel Michael Trischan as Lenni

Fritzi Eichhorn has: Played Andrea Tetzlaw, Kind in "Polizeiruf 110" in 1971. Played Pia in "Der Landarzt" in 1987. Played Violetta Veilchenblau in "Die Gespenster von Flatterfels" in 1992. Played Jasmin Pelzer in "Unser Charly" in 1995. Played herself in "Tigerenten Club" in 1996. Played Franziska Frankenstein in "Sprechstunde bei Dr. Frankenstein" in 1997. Played Viviane Radler in "SOKO Leipzig" in 2001. Played Frau in "Luis" in 2004.

Fritzi Jackson's birth name is Fritzi Lee Bruther.

Fritzi Burger was born in 1910.

Fritzi Burger died in 1999.

Fritzi Schwingl was born in 1921.

Fritzi Gordon died in 1992.

Franz Eichhorn died in 1982.

Julia Eichhorn was born in 1983.

Albert Eichhorn died in 1827.

Albert Eichhorn was born in 1752.

Ulrich Eichhorn was born in 1961.

Willi Eichhorn was born in 1908.

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