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Fritzi Ridgeway is 5' 5".


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Fritzi Ridgeway was born on April 8, 1898, in Butte, Montana, USA.

Fritzi Ridgeway died on March 29, 1961, in Lancaster, California, USA of heart attack.

Fritzi Scheff is 5' 3".

Fritzi Eichhorn is 160 cm.

Fritzi Haberlandt is 173 cm.

Fritzi Jackson is 5' 5".

Lindsay Ridgeway is 5'.

Jasna Fritzi Bauer is 158 cm.

Fred Ridgeway is 5' 7".

Kendal Ridgeway is 5' 7".

The cast of A Life for a Life - 1921 includes: Fritzi Ridgeway

Eric Ridgeway is 5' 8 1/2".

Russell Ridgeway Bowman is 6' 1".

The cast of Branded Man - 1922 includes: Fritzi Ridgeway George Waggner

The cast of Winning a Bride - 1919 includes: Herbert Heyes as Jack Crowley Fritzi Ridgeway as Mary Pendleton

The cast of The Fatal 30 - 1921 includes: Al Fremont Fritzi Ridgeway Carl Stockdale Lillian West

The cast of The Ranger of Pikes Peak - 1919 includes: Herbert Heyes Fritzi Ridgeway Harry Schumm

The cast of A Blissful Calamity - 1917 includes: Fred Church Dan Leighton Fritzi Ridgeway Nanine Wright

The cast of Wild Wild West - 1920 includes: Alfred Hewston Milburn Morante Fritzi Ridgeway Bruce Smith

The cast of Where Glory Waits - 1917 includes: Wadsworth Harris Allen Holubar Thomas Jefferson Fritzi Ridgeway Roberta Wilson

The cast of Tapering Fingers - 1919 includes: Gertrude Astor Lee Hill Lamar Johnstone Fritzi Ridgeway Harry Todd

Fritzi Jackson's birth name is Fritzi Lee Bruther.

The cast of High Speed - 1917 includes: Albert MacQuarrie as Count Englantine Fritzi Ridgeway as Susan Lydia Yeamans Titus as Mother

The cast of The Poor Fish - 1918 includes: Claire Anderson Percy Challenger Gino Corrado Thornton Edwards Fritzi Ridgeway Josie Sedgwick

The cast of The Menacing Past - 1922 includes: Henry Arras Frank Caffray George Chesebro Alfred Hewston Vivian Rich Fritzi Ridgeway

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