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Malcom X was 6 Foot 3.5 Inches Tall

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How tall is Macolm X?

Malcolm X is about 6'3" Tall

When did Malcolm x?

When did Malcolm X what? -.-

What books did Malcolm X write?

Malcolm X actually wrote several books in his lifetime. A few of his books were The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Two Speeches by Malcolm X, and The Diary of Malcolm X.

What name was Malcolm X when he was assassinated?

Malcolm X

Why should Malcolm x be remembered?

malcolm x

How was Malcolm X life significant?

Malcolm x

How tall is Malcolm Fraser?

Malcolm Fraser is 6 ft 4in tall.

How tall is Malcolm Young?

Malcolm is 5'5"

Malcolm x date of death?

Malcolm X died February 21, 1965.R.I.P... MALCOLM X.

Who made Malcolm X want to be Malcolm X?


What was the movie of Malcolm X about?

The movie Malcolm x was about his life ?

What was the name of Malcolm X autobiography?

"The Autobiography of Malcolm X " .

Did Malcolm X ever kill anyone?

who the **** is Malcolm x

What did Malcolm X change his name too?

Malcolm Little change his name to Malcolm X

How tall is Malcolm McRae?

Malcolm McRae is 6'.

How did Malcolm X get the name Malcolm X?

Malcolm X's name wasn't always Malcolm X. His original name was Malcolm Little. He considered "Little" a slave name so he had it changed to Malcolm X.

In what year was Malcolm X assassinated?

Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965.

When was Malcolm x killed?

malcolm x died february 21,1965

What is the name of the book written by Malcolm X?

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Why did Malcolm X choose to be a Christian?

Malcolm X was not a Christian. He was a Muslim.

Who portrayed as Malcolm X in the Malcolm X film?

Denzel Washington

Who played Malcolm X in the move Malcolm X?

Denzel Washington

How would you describe Malcolm X in the movie Malcolm X?


What is Malcolm X full name?

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Why did Malcolm X get the name Malcolm X?

The Nation of Islam was a group in which Malcolm little joined. This groups members rejected their slave surnames (little) and replaced it with a 'X'. Therefore Malcolm X. Hope this helps

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