How tall was aleister crowley?

When I was initiated into the Ordo Templi Orientis in a private session with Louis Grady McMurtry, the latter was wearing the striped Arab robe or coat that Crowley wears in one of his photographs. Mr. McMurtry was about average height. I also looked at the Rites of Eleusis photo and the Kanchenjunga photo, both of which shows Crowley with other men, and he appears to be about the same height as the others. From the foregoing I would infer that Crowley was average height. The average height at that time was about 5'9". Crowley does mention that he was also lightly muscled, and that he never became truly strong, as a result of the abuse he experienced at school. From his early photographs Crowley looks like one of those smallish, well-knit, lightly built men. I infer therefore that he was 5'9" or 5'10", probably not as tall as 6'.