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Coil springs have a cylindrical shape and look like a metal coil. When moved back and forth they can be seen to compress and decompress and they make a distinct metallic sound. When compressed the spring will flatten out slightly and when released it will return to its coiled shape. The spring\'s coils may also move ever so slightly back and forth as the spring is compressed and decompressed.

The number of coils and the diameter of the spring will affect the overall look. The more coils a spring has the more "bulkier" it will look; a spring with fewer coils will be more compact. The diameter of the spring will also affect its look as a thicker spring will have more compact coils and a thinner spring will look more stretched out.

In addition to the overall shape the individual coils of the spring can be seen when it is moved back and forth. The coils are usually spaced evenly apart and wrapped tightly together. The surface of the individual coils is usually smooth although there may be some ridges along the edges. These ridges are usually the result of the manufacturing process and help to keep the individual coils in place.

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Q: How the coil springs look like as you move it back and forth.?
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