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How the contract become witheld?


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June 20, 2012 1:56PM

Contract can be witheld on the following basis:

1. If the contract is not signed by any minor or has not attain the age of 18. Which means in the person signing the contract is under the age of 18, the contract is voidable.

2. If the contents of the contarct is not legal.

3. If the contract has been signed under some illegal pressure, misrepresentation, undue influnce or coersion.

4. If the contract is signed by any person who mentaly disable.

5. If the contract is against the public policies.

6. If the contract doesnt have valid or enouhg consideration.

here can be many more reason but it depends on the nature, laws applicable and interpretation of the contract.

Kamal Bassi,

Legal consultant in UAE and India