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How the earth is heated and what affects the way the earth is heated?


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the earth is heated by the sunlight and it affects it by it being too hot when the sunlight is shining on earth.

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affects the way wetreat animals, plants and the earth

Its the latitude that affects the temperatures on the earth

Gravity affects humans similar to the way it affects any object. It attracts us toward the Earth.

The ozone depletion affects in many ways. Right now it is killing planktons.

This question cannot be answered the way it is written. Please rephrase and correct spelling so we can answer your question.

Temprature affects the volume, since most objects expand when they are heated. And density is mass / volume.

one way is wind causes erosion with rock and weathering also. :)

The earth is heated unevenly because of the tilt of the earth resulting in the seasons.

The angel of the sunlight determine how much they heat up the earth. The axel of the earth is tilted 23.5 degrees in relation ship to the sun. This is what gives us the different seasons. When the angel is wide a specific amount of sunlight will be spread out over a big area and each part is only heated up a little. When the angel is narrow the same amount of sunlight is concentrated on a smaller area and that area is heated up much more.

the cycle of seasons most affects the earth around the sun

It creates tides and moonlight (or lack thereof) and affects our decisions in a zodiacal way.

It affects all the atmosphere of the earth

lava is super heated rock heated by the pressure of the earth underground.

Earth is heated by the sun, which is a star.

The same way it affects most of earth. The seasons are caused by the tilt of the earth's axis relative to the plane of its orbit.

By the sunlight, when the sunlight enter in the earth

Yes, everything we do affects the earth


Wind affects the tide and temperatures on Earth.

Convectional precipitation is the type of precipitation caused by air being heated at the surface of the earth. Convectional precipitation can fall anywhere on earth.

The big-bang originated it. The Earth's magma is still very hot. The Earth is heated by the Sun and slightly by the magma once it is located very deep in the Earth, although reaching 1.500ºC

the whole Earth would have the same climate

It depends on what effect you mean. The sun affects the weather on Earth the most and the moon affects the tides on Earth the most.

It's very hot, but I'm not sure what you mean by "over" heated.

attraction affects the moon because of the gravity rarely

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