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You can use special cable, which is compatible with your handphone. Other way is a connection by Bluetooth or WiFi - if your handphone has them implemented.

Its function is to connect the computer to a network.

it is to use to connect devices to the computer

To control a handphone using a computer, you need to install the manufacturer's sync utility on your computer. For a Nokia phone for instance, you need to install Nokia PC Suite.

To connect it to the computer so the functions of the mouse can be used.

modem is used to connect the computer or make the computer asseccible to the internat. mote

Who invented the handphone

to connect RAM and get faster of the performance of computer.

The main function of the front side bus is to connect the computer to the motherboard. It also connects the computer to the RAM or random access memory.

Handphone is a telephone to be used by hand

There is nothing to reset. The computer will function normally when you connect the battery again.

The port of a computer is an interface between the computer and other computers or devices. The function of ports is to connect a monitor, webcam, speakers or other device through a specialized outlet.

well you can connect more than one computer at the same time to the internet,and it can function as an extra firewall

it is use to connect external universal serial bus(BUS) to the computer

The mainframe computer is usually used in a computer center to connect the other computers. The mainframe computer is a high level computer that is designed for demanding and extensive computer tasks.

They call it a handphone in Germany. Germans refer to it as a handy, short for handphone.

The latest handphone models are broken into Android and iOS based models. The iOS model handphone is called the iPhone. The latest Android based handphone model is called Samsung.

Absolutely... except for the fact that the computer will not be able to keep the software up-to-date, the computer will still function without the internet.

If you want to connect it to a computer you can view the disturbances in the infrared light.

No you connect your PS2 to your TV not a computer

The computer funtion of a keyboard is that it can type and connect to the computerTo type quickly...just like you typed your question!! If you were looking for something else, please specify...

The use of a network cable for a computer is to provide a number of computer the same function. This provide the ability to connect with many printers and fax machines.

Martin Cooper invented the handphone in April 3, 1973

A serial port is where you connect the monitor to the PC this allows you to view what you are doing on the monitor

To connect to a computer hub, you should connect a ethernet cable from your computer to the computer hub. Each computer should be plugged into one of the various ports on the computer hub.

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