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During the quaternary period, the Ice Age took place. It was a time of dramatic glacial development and at the time, glaciers covered around 30 percent of the Earth. Some areas like North America and parts of Europe were covered in grasslands.

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What was the climate like during the quaternary time?

It was cold in the Quaternary time period

What was the climate like in the Quaternary period?

The climate was cold in the Quaternary period.

What did the quarternay period look like?

During the Quaternary period, land bridges formed between the continents and the land looked much as it does today. The climate was colder and animals living during the time included the saber-toothed cat and the woolly mammoth.

What did the Earth's surface look like in the quaternary period?

As this is the Quaternary period - take a look around.

What are main things travelers might like to see in the quaternary period?

what will you might see in the quaternary period

What was the environment in the Cenozoic era like?

during the tertiary period, there was mostly trees and plants. during the quaternary period, the earth's climate cooled, so there was more ice.

What was the earths climate like in the atmosphere during quaternary time period?

there was no quarternary period, so make up a climate for your made up time period.

What did the Earth look like during the Quaternary Period?

The Quaternary Period encompasses the last 2.6 million years. The continents have been in about the same positions during the period. Animal life has changed tremendously with many of the large mammals going extinct after the last ice age ended about ten thousand years ago.

What was going on during the Quaternary period in Colorado?

Mammoths were going extinct like a lot of other animals. Humans like us were appearing. Not hominids.

What was the land like during the carboniferous period?

very carboniferous

What are the main things travels might like to see in the quaternary period?


What the earth was like during the Jurassic period?

it was the same but there was a groped land

What are the main aspects that travelers may like to see in the quaternary period?

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What kind of plants lived in the quaternary period?

Plants that lived during the Quaternary period include heavy grasses that provided nutrition for animals like the woolly mammoth. With glaciers covering more than 30 percent of the Earth, mammoth steppes, or giant areas of grasslands were the primary plants at the time.

What was the environment like in the Quaternary Time Period compared to the environment in the present?

Depends on the location you're referring to.

What did earth's surface look like in the devonian time period?

During the devonian time period most of land was under water.

What were conditions like in England during this period?

During which period.

What comes after quaternary consumer?

Usually, quaternary consumers are at the top of the food chain. The only thing that would eat a quaternary consumer is another quaternary comsumer (like a human).

What did earth's surface look like then during the devonian period?

most of the land was under water not much was surface

Can you ate papaya during your period days?

Yes you can eat papaya during your period - there is nothing you can't do during your period, you can eat what you like when you like.

What was the location of the Quaternary Period?

The Quaternary Period covers the span of time from over one and a half million years ago to the present day. Although this may seem like an extraordinary length of time, it is actually a very short period in the context of the age of Gaia. This period saw the current ice age, the rise of man, and the extinction of most of the mammalian megafauna

What would life be like if you lived in the quaternary period?

You're living in it right now! The Quaternery Period started 2,000,000 years ago and will end when humans become extinct.

What would people liked to of seen during the permian period?

In the Permian Period, the land on Earth was a giant landmass called Pangaea. It was arid and desert-like. The creatures probably would have like a freshwater lake.?æ?æ

What did earth look like during the Tertiary period?

how did the earth look during the Tertiary time period

What was the earth like during the missipian period?

The Mississippian period was a time of shallow seas that covered large amounts of land. The temperature across the globe at this time was warm and humid and by the end of the period, temperatures began to cool off.