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Does having a pet dog make you a better person?

Just having a dog as a pet does not make you a better person, but how you care for them through love may.

How can you change your pet name in perfect world international?

By buying a pet collar and taking it to Miss Zoologist in Archasaur.

What is the nicest word in the world?

Each to their own. Love. Family Your partners name. Your pet

What is difference love in-love?

the difference between love and being in love is .. love is something that we all have it is in out minds to do so, like you love a pet or to love your mum/dad but to be in love, is to have your world changed, when you look at that person and you see nothing but them, and it doesn't matter how long you spend with the person or how long you spend apart the still make you smile and make your heart beat so fast you think it might explode that's being in love looking into the eyes of that person and knowing they can see your soul and not matter what happens from there they always pull at you heart

How can you change your minions name on World of Warcraft?

Unfortunately for Warlocks you can't change the name of your pet, that is only for hunters.

How do you change your pet in virtual families?

How you change your pet on virtual families is you go to the store and some times they might be selling pets so that's how you change your pet. Also if you change your pet the pet you have right now will be gone.

On facebook on the game pet society how do you restart a new pet?

You can't restart your pet but you can change the image of your pet by going to the stylish and change the image of your pet (by the way if your going to change the image of your pet you also need to pay for it)

What happens if you love someone that don't love you but you try to look at other people but you can't?

Well you're screwed. (alternative answer) It is sometimes possible to win the love of someone who does not love you; the name for this is courting. You can court the person you love. If you are very nice, and very generous, and very charming, who knows, you might succeed. However, there is no guarantee. If you cannot successfully court the person you love, you will have to give up the struggle and seek love elsewhere. Or if that is not possible, you can always get a pet. Your pet will love you.

Does she have a pet?

I love your you have a pet yes or no please right back love tiffany zamora

What if you love animals more than humans?

What if. Get good grades, then become a vet, a zoo person, or a pet owner.

How do you name your pet?

I alway find an odd word or words and combine them or change the vowels. I love it when pets have the weirdest names! =]

How do you change your pet on pet society from being a bot to a girl?

Go to the Stylist and pay 20 coins to change the gender of your pet.

How can I rename my pet in Littlest Pet Shop for Wii?

To change your pets name, you go into the pet apartment click on the pet you want to change and then there should be a button that says rename so click on it and change the name.

When is the webkinz love monkey pet of the month?

No one knows for sure when Webkinz' Love Monkey is pet of the month.

What do you love most about your pet?

sweet and kind dog

Change pet colors in wild ones?

Once U Buy A Pet In Wild ones, You Can't Make Any Change To pet

How do you get hearts on your pet on pet society?

You will get that by buying a love potion in the Market

Exchange of animals?

There are many types of animals int his world. The exchange of animals is when a pet store or a person sells an animal to another person.

Why do people get pet care insurance?

People get it because they care and love for there pets and want the best treatment for them. If you love your pet and want medical coverage for it get pet insurance.

How do people love your pet more den u love a person?

Our pets give us undying love & ask for nothing in return.No animals act with any malice.The same cannot be said about humans.

What do dogs love a lot?

they love attention and to be pet and played with

Can you tell another pet that you love them?

if you truly love them. then yes.

Pros of keeping a pet?


What is the name of a pet you love?


How do you change the name of your pet on Habbo Hotel?

You can't change the name of your pet. Once you've named the pet and purchased it, the name is locked down and embedded.