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How the plan developed by Henry Clay was a compromise?

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Henry Clay was able to keep peace between the North and South for 30 + years, and so that is a compromise.

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The leader in Congress who helped to create the Missouri Compromise was Henry Clay. Furthermore, with the support of Daniel Webster, Clay set up the plan for the Compromise of 1850 and the resolution of the Nullification Crisis.

Henry Clay was a representative from Kentucky and was a nationalist. The name of his plan was the American System and the purpose of his plan was to make the country prosper and grow by itself, without the help of foreign nations.

Henry Clay's plan proposed prosperity for the nation through a protective tariff.

With the US Congress deadlocked over the Missouri situation, there seemed no way to satisfy the Congress. The Speaker of the House, Henry Clay, however, presented a plan, a compromise, that Congress finally passed.

Henry Clay presented his plan to Congress not even a answer .

The Great Compromise was a compromise between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan.

Virginia Plan + New Jersey Plan = Great Compromise The Great Compromise, also called the Connecticut Compromise, was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin.

Because it allowed manufactured goods to be shipped to the South and West.

It decided the government plan for the united states it was the compromise between the Virginia plan and New Jersey plan

Henry Clay, a member of Congress from Kentucky, found a solution. Missouri would join the nation as a slave state. Maine would join as a free state. In this way the balanced would be kept. This plan allowed slavery in the new states formed in the South of Southeast. It would not let states in the North of Southeast. Clays plan became none as the Missouri Compromise

The Great Compromise is the one the convention adopted as a plan for the government.

The Missouri Compromise of 1820 was the work of Congressman Henry Clay of Kentucky. By 1820 there were already 10,000 or more slaves in the territory that was to become Missouri and a slave state at that. There was a pressing need to keep the number of slave and free states in balance. In order to appease both the North and the South, Clay proposed to congress a plan to keep things in balance. Missouri could enter as a slave state and part of Massachusetts would be divided to make a new Northern free state called Maine. The compromise worked and the heated debates over slavery, for the time being was put to rest. But it was not a permanent solution in that the US continued to grow.

The Great Compromise was signed in 1787 after the propositions of the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan

Northerners protest Douglas's plan to repeal the Missouri Compromise because they wanted slavery to stop and the leaders of the south rejected the plan, they spit upon every plan to the compromise.

Great compromise or Connecticut Compromise

Yes, the Virginia Plan was written before the Great Compromise along with the New Jersey plan. The Congress decided to take some ideas from the Virginia Plan and some from the New Jersey Plan to create a plan that worked for both of them, and as a result, the Great Compromise was created.

yes sort of.... it was a compromise in which new jersey plan wanted no population to to with the voting and thevirginia plan did so the compromise had a little bit of the voting having todo with population and a little bit not

The tensions between the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan were resolved with the Connecticut Compromise. It's also referred to as the Great Compromise.

The new Jersey plan and the Virginia plan

The Compromise of 1790 led to the acceptance of Alexander Hamilton's plan for reducing the national debt. This compromise was the first big compromise reached by the new government in America.

The Great Compromise or Connecticut Compromise was proposed by Connecticut delegate Roger Sherman to combine both the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Henry Clay, perhaps made his most significant contribution to US history with his Missouri Compromise of 1820. Missouri was a slave territory seeking admission for statehood. If Missouri entered as a slave state the balance between free and slave states would tilt to the latter. Under Clay's plan, a new New England free state would be carved out of Massachusetts. This plan was accepted and the results kept the Union together for nearly 30 years.

the Connecticut CompromiseThe Connecticut Compromise.The Connecticut Compromise.

The Virginia Plan and The Great Compromise

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