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What happened in 1815?

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Henry Clay presented his plan to Congress not even a answer


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What historical thing happened in 1815?

Battle of Waterloo

When did George Boxley happen?

George Boxley happened in 1815.

When did Battle of Rocheserviere happen?

Battle of Rocheserviere happened in 1815.

What major change happened in Europe between 1789 and 1815?

They won

When did Battle of Occhiobello happen?

Battle of Occhiobello happened in 1815-04.

What happened with Bonaparte after 1815?

He was sent into exile at St. Helena in the South Pacific.

When did Battle of Rocquencourt happen?

Battle of Rocquencourt happened on 1815-07-01.

When did Battle of Tolentino happen?

Battle of Tolentino happened on 1815-05-03.

When did Battle of the Panaro happen?

Battle of the Panaro happened on 1815-04-03.

When did Battle of San Germano happen?

Battle of San Germano happened in 1815.

When did Battle of Ljubiฤ‡ happen?

Battle of Ljubić happened on 1815-05-08.

When did Battle of Wavre happen?

Battle of Wavre happened on 1815-06-19.

When did Battle of Ronco happen?

Battle of Ronco happened on 1815-04-21.

When did Battle of Cesenatico happen?

Battle of Cesenatico happened on 1815-04-23.

When did Battle of Ligny happen?

Battle of Ligny happened on 1815-06-16.

When did Battle of Pesaro happen?

Battle of Pesaro happened on 1815-04-28.

When did Battle of Waterloo happen?

Battle of Waterloo happened on 1815-06-18.

When did Battle of Issy happen?

Battle of Issy happened on 1815-07-03.

When did Battle of Casaglia happen?

Battle of Casaglia happened on 1815-04-12.

What happened to Napoleon in 1815?

In the 1812 Napoleon began to encounter significant defeats. Exiled to the island of Elba in the Mediterranean Napoleon escaped to France in early 1815.

What happened during the time period of 1800- 1815 in Europe?

During the time period of 1800-1815 in Europe. the Napoleonic Wars occurred. In 1803, Britain declared war on France. The war continued until 1815.

What is an historical event that happened in Louisiana?

The Battle of New Orleans happened in 1815. It was actually two weeks after the peace treaty was signed.

What happened between 1815 and 1930 anywhere but America?

in France this is where napolean was around. There were bonapartist supporters.

When did Capture of USS President happen?

Capture of USS President happened on 1815-01-15.

When did Battle of La Suffel happen?

Battle of La Suffel happened on 1815-06-28.