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How the twelve tribes were formed?


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Each tribe is the descendants of one of the twelve sons of Jacob.


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The ten commandments were given to the twelve tribes of Israel by Moses. The twelve tribes were formed from the twelve sons of Jacob about 400 years before the commandments were given to them.

The Gentiles were people who were not part of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Twelve Tribes communities was created in 1972.

The Bible doesn't mention Twelve Tribes of Adam.

There are no pictures of the twelve tribes of Judah. The twelve tribes of Judah were said to exist after 1200 BC, before photography.

Their origin was traced to the patriarch Jacob: the tribes were his twelve sons.

Twelve Tribes - band - was created in 1998.

The twelve tribes of Isreal.

The twelve tribes are the descendants of Jacob's 12 sons and are the ancestors of the Jews.

Benjamin is one of the twelve tribes.

The biblical nation was formed when the twelve tribes, guided by Joshua the successor of Moses, took possession of the land. The nation expanded under King David.

Some say that there were twelve disciples because there were twelve tribes of Israel.

The 12 tribes of Israel are of Jacob not Abraham.

Biblical tradition says that there were just twelve tribes of Israel. Some say that this arose because there are twelve constellations of the zodiac.

The Bible does not mention twelve tribes of Jesus Christ. But there were/are twelve tribes of Israel. They are:ReubenSimeonLeviIssacharZebulunJosephBenjaminDanNaphtaliGadAsherThey were the children of Jacob who later was named Israel.

When the Israelite's conquered Canaan there were twelve tribes

They are the descendents of the twelve sons of Jacob, a.k.a. Israel.

They were one of the twelve Israelite tribes. Benjamin was one of the twelve sons of Jacob.

The twelve apostles were formed ten to twenty million years ago.

There is twelve oxen in a Mormon temple that symbolic twelve tribes of Israel.

The Twelve Tribes of Judah are more properly called the Twelve Tribes of Israel (since they are all descended from Israel, not Judah). Each of the Tribes has its own symbol, relating to its history. Examples include the Lion as the symbol of Judah, the Sailboat as the symbol of Zebulun, the Tree as the symbol of Asher, and the Wolf as the symbol of Benjamin. The most common symbol representing all twelve tribes is the breastplate of the High Priest adorned with twelve semi-precious and precious stones representing the twelve tribes. This is called Avnei Ha-Khoshan in Hebrew. A link to an image of this is provided.

God chose Abraham to the the father of the Israelite nation. Through Abraham, came his son Issac and then his son Jacob who in turn had twelve sons who formed the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve tribes and their descendants eventually populated most of the world. A great number of people from all nationalities can trace their family roots all the way back to Abraham.

On the assumption that the twelve sons of Jacob are legendary, they represent the twelve tribes of Israel or, more fundamentally, the twelve constellations of the zodiac.

Each of the twelve Israelite Tribes got its name from one of the twelve sons of Jacob. Judah was the fourth (Genesis ch.29). See also:Who are the twelve tribes today?More about Judah

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