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How the virus effects the computer?


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it can delete your programs

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Their computer could get infected with the virus. Their computer could get ruined. :(

The effects of a computer virus is loss of information or your computer will shut down or your computer might just break and you will need one depending on the type of virus you have so becareful on what you download or open.

They don't. They affect your computer.

The virus can make a computer run slower than usual, or stop the computer from working.

No known computer virus has ever had a good effect. They are malicious and damaging.

Your computer could use all information on your computer

A computer virus is like a real virus in that both are infectious. Real viruses can travel from person to person, and computer viruses can travel from computer to computer. And of course, both computer viruses and real viruses have harmful effects on the organisms or computers which become infected by them.

the effect of a virus in a computer can harm and crash your computer if it isn't scanned by a security program but if your talking about a virus in the human body it makes you sick or just multiplies and leaves

The Melissa virus is a mass-mailing macro virus. It can effect email that is sent and infect the computer when the email is opened.

computer has a virus remove virus on the computer

By neutralizing it or deleting it. To see its effects, then get an old computer and let it get a virus and see what happens.

You can't. It is the virus that Norton has intentionally put on your computer when you install Norton. It is in their terms and agreements that if you stop using Norton there will be virus.

Ranges from nothing (rare) to your computer going haywire and never working again (also rare).

what are the disadvantages of computer virus what are the disadvantages of computer virus

definition of a computer virus definition of a computer virus

Every computer could have a virus but if you use your computer carefully it can be impossible for the virus to come to your computer.

A computer virus causes harm to the computer while a a human virus causes harm to a human beings. A computer virus in curable a human virus is incurable.

the acronym name for computer virus

To prevent a computer virus, you first have to get an Anti-Virus program on your computer. And it will scan all of the threats on the computer.

a virus in a computer which is slowly breaking you computer and is hard to get rid of

When you get a computer virus your computer may get random pop-ups trying to make you download something or sell something to you. It can also spread itself across your P.C files and make it harder for you to remove it. If you do not have anti-virus software and are an inexperienced online user you should really get an anti-virus or just be more carful of what sites you go on.

Scanning virus only help to find the virus inside your computer disks, but do no other actions, virus is still in your computer. But Removing virus not only find it, but also remove the virus from your computer. Thus no such virus will remain in your computer after that.

Virus-L and computer virus are discussions forums which focus on computer virus issues

Viruses contain a code that is used to potentially damage your computer in certain ways, such as removing vital information in your hard drive, and slowing down your computer. Such other things, such as Trojans and Spyware do other kinds of damage, such as spying on your computer, and changing computer settings. If you get rid of a virus through an Anti-Virus at the right time, these effects do not take place.

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