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How ticket do you need to catch lugia and Ho-oh?

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The Mystic Ticket.

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Where is lugia in leafgreen you also need to know how to catch Suicune and is hooh and mew possible to catch?

to catch any of these u need either a gameshark or use other cheats.

How do you catch Lugia on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You would need the mystic ticket otherwise get the lugia from Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

How do you get the mystery ticket to go to catch lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You'd need to download the ticket at a Nintendo Event

How catch Lugia in emerald in game boy advance without event?

It's Impossible you need a mystic ticket and go to Navel Rock to catch Lugia

How do you get lugia in Pokemon emerlad?

you need the the mystic ticket and then you go catch him at lv.70

How you can catch Lugia?

u need mystic ticket or use cheat or get it by trading..:D

Where can you catch Ho-oh on LeafGreen?

You need to get some ticket to get navel rock there you can find lugia an Ho-oh!

How do you catch hoho in emerald?

To get ho-ho or lugia you will need to get the mystic ticket from the Pokemon events and take the ferry to navel island.

How do catch ho oh in emeral?

You Need The Mystic Ticket To Get Ho-Oh And Lugia in emerald Or Trade Ho oh From Pokemon Colesseum And Lugia From Pokemon Xd Gale of darkness

Pokemon FireRed to catch lgia?

you need to get navel ticket from a Nintendo event to go to navel rock so you can even get to battle lugia

Where is Lugia in Pokemon platinum?

To Catch Lugia You'll Need A Action Replay.

Pokemon emerald how to catch lugia?

you need an AR.

How do you catch Lugia in Pokemon Emerald?

dude, you need to reaserch on Pokemon a bit if you think that this is possible You can't catch Lugia in Emerald. by using a mystic ticket! P.S. Hope I ansered your question! =) ughh or in other words....CHEAT action sharks..etc.

What items do you need to catch Ho-oh and Lugia?

For Ho-oh you need the Rainbow wing For Lugia you need the Silver wing

Ho-oh in Pokemon emerald?

You either need a special event or a game shark to do this. So get an eon ticket or a mystic ticket, Go to the fairy docks in lilycove and show the ticket to the lady and then go to the island where you can find Ho'oh or Lugia. Go up the stairs if you want to get Ho'oh or down the stairs if you want to catch lugia

Where is the best place to catch shadow Lugia in Pokemon soulsilver?

There is no such thing as the Shadow Luiga. To catch the Shiny Lugia though, you need to find the code.

Can you catch Lugia in Pokemon Gold?

You need to go to Kanto. There is an old man in Pewter City who will give you the Silver Wing, then you can to to the Whirl Islands and catch Lugia there.

What do you need besides the silver wing to catch Lugia?

If you want to catch lugia you need silver wing, tidal bell, beat all the kamino girls, complete all eight gyms

How do you catch Lugia in platinum?

You need action replay then after catching uxie you go into uxies cave and theres lugia

Do you need the tidal bell to catch lugia on Pokemon heartgold?

you need a silver wing

Do you need a master ball to catch lugia?

No any ball will work

Do you need the sliver wing to catch lugia on Pokemon silver?

Yes you do.

Do you need the bell to catch Lugia in HeartGold?

yes but it is in pewter city

Do you need to have 8 badges before you can catch lugia?

No, but you need Flash, Whirlpool, Surf and Strength.

How do get Lugia?

It is very hard to get Lugia, you need to get the Mystic Ticket from the special event. You can do this by mixing records with a person who has the mystic ticket. Then, show it to the Boat Captain (perhaps Cap. Stern, I'm not sure) and s/he will take you to Navel Island, where Lugia is. Ho-oh is also here, but you need the Aurora Ticket.This is just what I heard, I'm not sure it works, so sorry if it doesnt.