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How to Burn mp3 audio to DVD?


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You need a blank writable DVD, a DVD burner in your computer and a DVD burning software like NERO or even any free/shareware DVD burning software. In the software you need to compile a list of songs or directories which you need to burn on the DVD and then you will be ready to burn it.


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MP3 files and other formats can be burned to a DVD. You cannot burn a DVD in the manner of a traditional audio CD, however.

CD Roms can only Read CD's such as VCD, Audio CD, mp3 CD.DVD Roms can read any CD's such as VCD, Audio CD, mp3 CD and also read DVD's such as DVD Video, DVD Audio & DVD mp3's.

I have some DVD concerts I want to rip to MP3 format (audio only).

Got following solution from some other forum: Goland Audio DVD Creator Music DVD Creator v1.0 These are program which convert mp3 to DVD-audio files which can be played in every home DVD player or PC DVD player. Of course you can burn the mp3 to data-DVD and maybe your home DVD player can read mp3, but since a lot of mp3 are gathered illegally round the web you can end up with lots of differences in audio loudness forcing you to push the volume button endlessly. With the programs mentioned you can add a wallpaper so you can watch tv with a different picture with every other song. Id recommend a DVD home cinema set: your DVD player is connected to your receiver then, so you always have audio even when the tv is off. The only advantage of burning mp3 to audio DVD is that you can store a lot of music on 1 DVD (but not as much as on a plane mp3 data DVD disk) and that the audio level of the individual files is balanced. TIP: search edonkey for those files or try to find a freeware version of it.

It depends on how much storage is on your Mp3 player, and also if the DVD has an anti-burn device on it. If the DVD does, you cannot burn it onto your computer. And if you don't have enough storage or a screen for your Mp3, you cannot.

you will need a program to burn mp3s to audio CD. try NERO. it is easy to access.

yes. You can recur to the cool software Mac DVD BurnerWhich help us burn audio and videos onto a DVD ,if you have a Mac.

No. DVD players do not have the equipment necessary to record CDs or DVDs.

An audio DVD is one that has sound on it -- music, voice, etc.

Generally, no. If you've got; - A DVD-Audio compatible media player in your car, - Special DVD-Audio authoring software, Then you could burn an audio DVD and listen to it in a car. However no kind of DVD will work in a regular car CD player.

Record the tape using the audio line in, save as a wav,mp3, any thing like that. Then burn on to an audio CD

Simply to say, there are special ways to burn audio from YouTube to a CD. All we need to do is to play YouTube videos on the internet and then use a streaming audio recorder to record it as MP3 files. After that, we only need to burn YouTube audio straightly by CD burner.

You could use software that will burn with MP3 compression. However those CDs will then only be playable on devices compatible with MP3 CDs. An MP3 CD can store 8.5 hours of audio.

I don't think so. A DVD burner is necessary to burn a DVD. DVD or CD-rw drive could not burn DVD. And if you use a CD burner to burn DVD, when you play it, you will discover that only the audio is available, you can't get the picture. More details in the link.

You can't try to burn a CD ISO or Audio tracks to a DVD and expect it to work as a CD-ROM or Audio CD.

I strip the audio from DVD with a DVD Audio Ripper,

Yes car DVD player will also play your CD and most Mp3 files.

You can use any major media program to burn audio CDs from mp3 files, but you will probably not be able to fit all the songs on to one disc. MP3 CDs are offered usually because of the length of the recordings require the mp3 compression.

Hi, Personally, I use a streaming audio recorder to record sound from DVD. If you can find a good video to audio converter, it is also helpful. With a streaming audio recorder, you can record sound from DVD disc or DVD movies on the internet and convert sound as MP3, WMA, ACC, OGG, etc。

That's a definite maybe. You need to have a CD R/W (reader/writer) to burn CDs. A DVD R/W will burn CDs for you. If it can burn movies, it can burn audio.

Digital audio can be stored many different types of digital device: • Computer. • MP3 player. • Compact Disc. • DVD.

mp3 stands for mpeg-1 audio layer 3.mp3 is a digital audio music player :)

MP3 is the same as MPEG audio. MP3 means MPEG Layer 3

Use Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate, removing and burning MP3, videos, movies to DVD easily.

No. MP3 is strictly an audio format.

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