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How to change an ignition cylinder on a 97 camaro?


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2006-06-30 00:42:54
2006-06-30 00:42:54

Disconnect the battery. Remove the steering wheel. Remove turn signal switch,Remove the buzzer switch with needle nose pliers. Then insert the key(make sure it is not in place beforehand) and place in lock position. remove lock cylinder retaining torx screw. Then with key in place, pull out the assembly straight out.Disconnect the electrical connector from the bulkhead connectorand remove retaining clip. attach some wire to the connector to help with installation and pull harness through column. Installation is reverse.


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Do you mean the electrical ignition switch or the cylinder lock and key..?

Remove the retaining ring from the top of your 1997 Chevrolet 1500 ignition cylinder. Slide the ignition cylinder out and remove the wiring harness.

Could be a bad plug, wire or coil.

the 1997 camaro doe's not have a fan belt it has a serpentine belt that you can change in about 5 min.

the ignition coil is located under the top cover that says 2.4 quad

Where is the ignition module 97 explorer

Yes, it is on the front passenger side corner of the engine.

This is for a 97 Blaazer but it is the same procedure as I used it to replace the switch in my own 97 Bravada.

The V6 in the 1997 Camaro was the 3.8, not the 3.4

They are incorporated in each spark plug wire.

No. The chipped ignition key did not start until the 1998 model year and was only on the 6 cylinder Contour and Mystique. (I've got a '97 6 cylinder Contour that seems to have a chip in the key.)

To change out the abs master cylinder on a 97 Achieva, first clean the inside of the brake system. Then remove the fluid reservoir cap. Unplug the master cylinder and loosen the brake nuts. Pull away the abs master cylinder and replace.รŠ

Turn the key to the run position and push a long small diameter pin up through a hole located on the bottom side of the steering column to release the cylinder. Pull out the cylinder and replace. If you dont have a key, or it wont turn, I am afraid you are stuck drilling it out.

Try checking the ignition coil #2. Also check the spark plug and its wire.

The chances are that it will fit. If the 97 camaro originally had a v8 in it then you will have to change the motor mounts on it which can be a pain to do. Source: I stuck a 5.7L from a full size van in my 1983 camaro that originally had a 2.8 V6.

pull the two bolts buy new or used ignition coil the replace the ignition coil is on th left side of motor right by the tbi

I would think so since they're the same engine, only with some minor modifications

well a 97 camaro can reach 150 mph..i have done before

The steering and ignition will become locked on a 97 Chevy Cavalier if the key is not inserted into the ignition and turned. This helps to prevent theft.

it sounds like you need a master cylinder from the dealer make sure your wheel-lock isn't putting pressure on the ignition

should be 93-97 camaro. i don't believe firebird/trans ams will work

Change spark plugs and wires... TUNE-UP...

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