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How to change hotmail login to English?

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If you want the login screen in English, just enter: "hotmail.com/?&mkt=en-us" without the quotes, into your browser's address bar.

For Australian English, use "en-au"; for British English, use "en-gb", or "en-ca" for Canada, etc.

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How can you retrieve your Hotmail password?

Click on the link on the Hotmail login page which say Forgot your password.

How do you view login history in hotmail account?

Unfortunately there is no login history available to view for account holders with Hotmail email accounts. The only way to get this information is to provide a court order to for the login history to Microsoft.

How do you change hotmail to English from Arabic?

"hotmail.com/?&mkt=en-us" please change the hot mail page to english

Hotmail server name?

For Hotmail the server address is smtp.live.com and the port is 25. Then enable the TLS/SSL and enter all login details.

Hotmail server address?

For Hotmail,the server address is smtp.live.com and the port is 25. Then enable the TLS/SSL and enter all login details.

How do you change hotmail to english?

To change Hotmail to English, you will need to access the Advanced Mail Settings tab. Select the language options tab, which is the second one under the second heading in the second column. Select English (US) and scroll down. Click on Save. Your browser will automatically refresh the page with English as the interface language.

What is gfx8hotmail?

Gfx8hotmail is a subdomain of the Hotmail website. It is often presented to users when there is an error in the login process.

How do you recover your password for a Hotmail account?

Go to the log-in page for hotmail. There should be a 'forgotten password' link for you to follow. Your password and login will be sent to the registered email address on your account.

How do you change your Hotmail secret question?

You cannot change the questions one you have set it up. You can change your password thoughFollow the instructions below: "Change your Hotmail security question and secret answer"http://www.freeemailtutorials.com/windowsLiveHotmail/configureHotmailSettingsOptions/change-your-hotmail-security-question-and-secret-answer.php:)

On your email account how do you change the writing in your own way on your proflile?

On hotmail how do you change the writing in your own way on your hotmail account in your profile

How do you reset hotmail password?

You can reset your Hotmail password by clicking forgot password on the Hotmail sign in page. You will then be taken to a page where you can change the password.

How do you change your signature on hotmail?

How to get a signature on hotmail is to click options and then click more options! Sara :)

How do you change your password on mathletics?

you can, you need to have hotmail to do it

How can you change your hotmail id?

You can't change hotmail id! you need to do a new one and add all yo friends!:D Peaceout!(; -Melay

Are cyber cafes popular in Mexico?

Indeed. Many people login to their Facebook, MSN or hotmail accounts by using internet cafes.

How do you call hotmail support team?

Dial our number 1-844-695-5369 for Hotmail Tech Supportfor hotmail tech support,hotmail technical support,hotmail tech support number,hotmail technical support number,hotmail support number,hotmail contact number,hotmail support phone number,hotmail toll free number, Hotmail Password reset,Hotmail Customer Support,Hotmail customer service,Hotmail customer service toll free number,Hotmail help number,Hotmail support services,Hotmail password change,Hotmail password recovery phone number,Hotmail technical support phone number We are 3 party service provider

How do you deactivate your hotmail account?

In order to close your Hotmail account, you will need to login first. Once you have logged in, go to the account setting and click the close account link. You will then be prompted to confirm your password and that you want the account closed.

How do you reset a password if forgotten for Hotmail?

First you go to the hotmail login, then you go to the bottom where it says can't access my account. After that, you type in your account username then do the robot thing so it knows you are not a robot. And that is how you reset your password if you have forgotten it.

How do you change user?

logout and login.

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