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Search for an app called Status Statistics. It will tell you how many days ago your first status update was (among other things). While it doesn't give you a date you joined, it will give you a ballpark assuming you did a status update when you first joined. (Note: This only works if you joined Facebook after September of 2008 - as this is when the current version of the Status feature was implemented. For example, I joined Facebook either in Sept or Oct of 2006, using Status Statistics total number of days only went as far back as Sept of 2008)


search the email you used to sign up for facebook.

The subject on mine was "Facebook Registration Confirmation"

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Q: How to check when did I join Facebook?
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How do you check and see the date when you join Facebook?

check ur oldest post.

On Facebook i cant join it keeps i am illegible how do you get off of that?

Check your age. You should be of legal age to join.

How old are you to join Facebook?

You have to be 13 years old to join Facebook

How old do you have to be to join Facebook?

You have to be at least 13 years old to join Facebook.

How does a person join without using Facebook?

go and join facebook

How do you join Facebook if you're a Junior Higher?

You can't join Facebook if you are age 13 or younger. Junior highschoolers have to fake their age if they are desperate to join Facebook.

How much does it cost to join Facebook?

It is free to join Facebook. Facebook makes most of their money from the ads which they display on their pages. There isn't any cost to join Facebook. A person can sign up to facebook for free. No one has to pay a price to join facebook. It is just like the other online companies.

How do you get a WikiAnswers membership?

Just join using your Facebook account. If you are not on Facebook, then first join it.

What age do you have to be over to go on Facebook?

You have to be 13+ to join Facebook legally. If you join Facebook when you are under thirteen and are discovered your account will be terminated.

Can I join tunespeak without a Facebook account?

At this time, you must have a Facebook account to join Tunespeak.

How do you contact someone on Facebook if I am not a member?

you have to join facebook

How old do you have your Facebook?

you have to be 13 or over to join facebook

Can you join if you are not on Facebook?

If you mean this site, yes. You do not have to be on Facebook.

Can you have a Facebook account when you are 9 years old?

No, The beginning age limit is 13. For more information you may want to check their homepage.You have to be thirteen or older to join Facebook.

How can join Surya fan club?

You can join Surya fan club in Facebook,Or You may create it in facebook.

Is there a fee to join facebook?

no there is not.

Do you join Facebook?


How can you be eligible for Facebook?

you have to have a e-mail to be able to join Facebook

How do you go on Facebook if you don't have a Facebook page?

You join the website.

How do you Join this site other than Facebook?

You can join this site through by contacting the admin other than Facebook.

How do you find if someone has you on Facebook if you do not have a account?

Facebook can only connect people who join facebook. If you do not have a facebook account, no one can "have" you on facebook.

Is free to join?

yes facebook is free to join

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No. At this point in time the only way to join WikiAnswers is by using a Facebook account.

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You have to be 13 years old to join Facebook.

What is the cost of Facebook?

If you want to join Facebook, there is absolutely no fee, it is free.