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Get your own website, inform some of your friends they can start recruit.

Lead them to your site, and then you have started a clan.

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How do you create a clan in combat arms?

once you reach the required level you click on the clan button at the top right and hit create clan.

In combat arms can a clan leader invite someone into their clan?


How do you delete a clan on combat arms?

G0 To the clan settings and go Teminate Clan

Can you have a clan on Battlefield Bad company 2?

you have to pass misson 12 and then they will give you a clan

Is there create a class in uncharted 2?

No, Uncharted 2 is not Modern Warfare 2 or a war game. You can only create your clan name.

How do you create a clan in blackshot?

Press Clan use 25k bp and create a clan create your clan name, what u want to write for your clan and u are done. Its simple go explore Blackshot yourself.

What is the clan id in combat arms?

clan id.: the name of clan wich people will need to put in to join!!

How do you you delete a clan apProoval combat arms?

Go to Clan then go to Aplications then yeah

How do you leave a clan in combat arms?

go to clan options and select 'leave clan'. or just get an admin/leader to kick you.

How do you create a clan for broodwar?

Go to create, select clan, then edit it to be how you want it, and wabam.

How do you create a clan mark in crossfire?

only 200 members can create a clan mark...

Do you have to be a premium elite member to join a clan?

If you are talking about Modern Warfare 3, the answer is no. you rank up until you can create a clan tag, find some friends with one and ask to join, or create your own... Its completely free!

How do you join a clan on combat arms?

click on clan at the top then click search then search for the leader id or clan name then find the clan you want then click join clan

How do you make a clan in kuma war?

You have to be a premium member to create a clan. Go to to purchase a premium package and then create a clan.

How do you create a clan on MW3?

Go to clan tag and invite friends to your clan

How do you you get a clan logo on crossfire?

Create or join a clan

How do you create a clan in Uncharted 2?

Basically, anyone can create a clan in Uncharted 2. You type you clan name (press square, press X on "Clan Tag") and there you go!

Where is the apply button to join a clan on combat arms?

Go to the clan tap and search for the clan that you want to join. You should find the button there.

How do you create clan in special force?

Join clan request

How do you create clans in bitefight?

go on clan then found a clan

How do you start a clan war in combat arms?

You start a clan war by first going into the 'Bulldog' server (you can only go onto this server if you are in a clan), click on the 'create room' button, change the map and all that, invite your clan members, and click the invite button and wait for another clan to come and face you. YOU CAN ONLY PLAY CLAN WARS IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST 4 PEOPLE FROM BOTH CLANS!!!! hope this helps.... <(^_^)>

How do you create a clan in crossfire?

Go to the Clan page on and click "Make a Clan" on the sidebar.

How do you get Clan XP in Modern Warfare 3?

by clan ops

How do you start a clan on call of duty elite?

By going to Connect in Elite and go to my clan then hit my clan then create clan.

How can you recruit peopole to your clan in combat arms?

You can ask them to join, when they do, you can go to the clan tab to accept them into your clan. You can also right click on a player's name and click "Invite to Clan". If they accept they will be automatically applied to the clan. You can then go to the Clan tab and accept them into your clan.