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If by "out date" you mean the date of release from prison, many states list this information on their Offender Tracking Systems or Inmate Information pages on the state's Department of Corrections website. You may need the DOC number of the person about whom you are inquiring, as well as other information. Some states, however, such as California require those who are seeking inmate or offender information to call. If by "out date" you are referring to the parolee's discharge date, the date he will be released from parole, if you have a legitimate reason for knowing, you may contact the parole office and making a formal inquiry. It is public information, but some related information may be considered private.

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It will state such on your release papers you received the day you left prison.

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Q: How to find a parolee out date?
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Where can you find Parolee housing info?

At the parole office.

How do you find a parolee's post release supervision category?

You don't

What happens if they find alcohol in the house while you are on parole?

The parolee is violated.

How do you find out if a parolee in California has discharged his parole?

kimberly annette williford

When a charge made against a parolee and the charge is proven against the parolee and the parolee cannot disprove the charge can the charge still stand against the parolee?

Yes, Of course.

Where can a parolee stay?

He may find a residence anywhere; unless his parole stipulates conditions on where he can stay.

Can a parole officer regulate the parolee children?

A PO may not directly "regulate" a parolee's children, but the PO may "regulate" the contact the parolee has with his children.

Does a parolee have any privacy from the victims?

No, a parolee has limited privacy from anyone as long as he is on parole.

What happens when one parole officer is ok with a parolee leaving the county without telling him but then a new parole officer assigned puts out a warrant for the parolee for being out of the county?

The parolee is arrested and his parole is violated. He is returned to prison and serves his term until his next parole date comes up. Understand, these people make the rules. Learn the rules, lay down, and do what you must to get off paper.

When a charge is made against a parolee but the charge cannot be proven against the parolee and the parolee cannot disprove the charge can the charge still stand against the parolee?

In the U.S. YOU are not required to prove your own innocence. If a charge is made against you that cannot be substantiated - then the charge is baseless and 'goes away.'

Can parolees live with another parolee or someone who was previously on parole?

Typically not without the approval of the PO of the current parolee.

What does Parolee - Held under custody mean?

This simply means that a parolee has been put in jail for absconding their parole.