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this is the video i used on my 99 Buick century seems to be a super common issue

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โˆ™ 2013-03-25 09:52:53
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Q: How to fix Buick century odometer display?
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What causes the speedometer and the odometer to stop working at the same time on a 1993 Buick century How do you fix this?

The logical problem - would be a broken speedo cable. The speedo & odometer are both run from the same cable.

2001 Olds Intrigue - How can I fix the odometer and radio display that no longer work?

The best way to fix a radio and odometer display that doesn't work is to check the fuses. When you replace the bad fuse then the lights should work in your dash.

Why does my odometer not work but my speed odometer and tach does on a 1992 Honda accord lx?

It depends on whether or not the car has a digital readout. If it has a digital display, chances are it would be a wiring problem, somewhere right behind the odometer. If it has an analog display, since the spedometer still works, chances are the odometer itself (the display) has gone bad--like a little gear in there or something. This is one of the simplest odometer problems to fix; just replace the display piece. If the spedometer wasn't working it would be a whole different story--probably a faulty cable.

How do you fix a 1999 Buick century that won't start after running out of fuel?

Put Gas In It! Right!

How can you fix a weak odometer or message light in the dash console that can only be read at night on a 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

The 2003 Ford Expedition is one of many Ford vehicles that are prone to problems with the digital odometer display. Symptoms of the common intermittent odometer problem include a dim or completely blank display. There is a complete discussion of the intermittent odometer problem at .

Your odometer light had gone out on your 2000 buick century how do you fix it?

Get at the dashboard. Messy disassembly requires some patience, but you will eventually get to the burned-out bulb. Addition: It's more than likely NOT the bulb. The problem lies within the circuitboard itself. Contact me at ANCTechnologies at hotmail

What could be causing the odometer reading and the gear selector to not light up in a 1999 Buick Century?

there is 4 resistors located under the instrament panel that usually need replaced or has a broken solder joint. heres a video on how to fix it:

How long will a Buick Century last?

if taken care of 250-300k, fix the manifold intake. good cars

Who fixes speedometer's and odometer's?

I need to fix the odometer and speedometer in a 97 ford explorer

How do you fix the odometer on a 2000 infiniti i30?

How much it did odometer infiniti i30 2000

How do you fix odometer in1990 Cougar?

most odometer will need be repair by expert who cal odometer or replace the total meter

How do you fix 1998 Honda passport odometer?

To fix the 1998 Honda passport odometer, simply take it to a professional mechanic or refer to the service and user manual.

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